Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

eating on a dime

Looking for a cute hallowee treat idea? You are going to love these easy Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

15  minute recipe!

total Time: 15 Min

– Pre-made Original Rice Krispies Treats – Candy Eyes – Green Pre-made Decorating Icing – White Pre-made Decorating Icing – Premade Black Writing Gel – Black Sugar Sprinkles


White Scribbled Underline

Step 1

– Spread green icing onto the Rice Krispie Treats. – Sprinkle the black sugar sprinkles on the top, then add on the eyes! 

Step 2

Use black writing icing to make the monster mouth.

Step 3

On the remaining Rice Krispie treats, place the eyes on the center of the treats using the white pre-made decorating icing.

Step 4

Then drizzle the remaining icing on top of the Rice Krispie treats to look like the wrap on a mummy!

serve & enjoy!

These are adorable  and loved by all