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This guide will give you the conversion of How Many Tablespoons in a Cup. If you are making a recipe this easy conversion table will help.

Measuring cups and teaspoons
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How Many Tablespoons in a Cup:

There are 16 Tablespoons in a cup. This simple conversion will help you whether you are cooking or baking. These conversions that are noted are based on the US Standard Cup.

  • 1 Cup – 16 Tablespoons equals 8 fl. oz
  • ¾ Cup – 12 Tablespoons equals 6 fl. oz
  • 2/3 Cup – 10.6 Tablespoons equals 4 2/3 fl oz
  • ½ Cup – 8 Tablespoons equals 4 fl. oz
  • ⅓ Cup – 5.3 Tablespoons equals 2 ⅓ fl oz
  • ¼ Cup – 4 Tablespoons equals 2 fl. oz
  • ⅛ Cup – 2 Tablespoons equals 1 fl. oz
  • 1/16 cup – 1 Tablespoons equals ½ fl oz

There are some ingredients that you can add in a little bit more or less such as chocolate chips and it won’t make a difference on your recipe. But ingredients like cup of Flour or a stick of butter needs to be exact.

It is also important to know where they originated from. The recipe could have been created in a different country. Which could mean those measurements are different.

Imperial vs Metric:

The United States uses the Imperial Measuring System. The Metric System is what other countries use. Imperial System measures pounds, feet, quarts, inches and miles.

The Metric System measures grams, kilograms, centimeters, meters, kilometers, milliliters and liters.

When you are baking the standard use of measurements are cups, tablespoons, dessert spoons, teaspoons as a measurement of volume.

Measuring cups and teaspoons

Metric Cup and Imperial Cup:

A Metric cup is a unit of liquid measurement. It is used for measuring ingredients when cooking and serving size. Certain countries use the Metric Cup as their unit of measure. It includes Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

  • The Metric Cup in these countries equal 250 milliliters.
  • 1 Metric Cup in Australia equals 12 Australian Tablespoons.

Imperial Cup, in the United Kingdom is a non-metric liquid measurement of volume.

  • 1 Imperial Cup equals 284.131 milliliters
Measuring cups and teaspoons

How Many Teaspoons in a Tablespoon:

There are 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon. For ½ tablespoon there is 1 ½ teaspoon. For smaller amount, usually can be measured by hand. Follow this easy guide for measuring by hand.

  • 1 Teaspoon – You can measure this by the size of your fingertip.
  • ½ Teaspoon – This equals to about half of your fingertip.
  • ¼ Teaspoon – Pinch the ingredient twice with your thumb and two fingers.
  • ⅛ Teaspoon – Pinch the ingredient once with your thumb and two fingers.

Measuring Tips:

  • Measuring amounts – Make sure when measuring out the ingredient on a tablespoon or cup that it is level. If you add a heaped or half-filled on the measuring spoon or cup then it could mess up the recipe.
  • Fluffing Dry Ingredients – To prevent the recipe being dense, I like to aerate dry ingredients such as flour, cocoa, and other dry ingredients.
  • Kitchen Scale – If you have not purchased a kitchen scale they are good to have as a standard kitchen supply.
Measuring cups and teaspoons

Measuring Liquids (By Volume):

When measuring liquid it is important to use a liquid measuring cups that is designed to measure liquid ingredients. Do not use a dry products measuring cup to measure out liquids.

When measuring out 8 ounces of liquid it does weigh 8 ounces. This quick guide will give you a fluid ounces measuring conversions:

  • 1 Fluid Ounce – 2 Tablespoons
  • 2 Fluid Ounce – ¼ Cup
  • 4 Fluid Ounce – ½ Cup
  • 6 Fluid Ounce – ¾ Cup
  • 8 Fluid Ounce – 1 Cup
  • 12 Fluid Ounces – 1 ½ Cup
  • 16 Fluid Ounces – 2 Cups

Why this Conversion is Helpful:

  • Able to Double Recipe – It would be easy to adjust the recipe when you want to double the recipe.
  • Tablespoon of Salt – If the recipes calls for a tablespoon of salt, then you can slowly add in a teaspoon of salt at time. You won’t ruin your dish knowing that the max you add is 3 teaspoons.
  • Half a Recipe – If you are only making half the recipe and it calls for 1 tablespoons then you can add 1 ½ teaspoon of seasoning.
Measuring cups and teaspoons

More Conversions:

This guide will give you the conversion of How Many Tablespoons in a Cup. If you are making a recipe this easy conversion table will help. #eatingonadime #measurementconversions #kitchentips

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