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If you are looking for The Best Green Onion Substitutes, these preferred substitutions should help. It is hard to replace green onions, but we think these options are the best.

Close up image of green onion chopped on a cutting board.
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Best Green Onion Substitutes:

Green Onion is a unique small bulb ingredient that is hard to replace. If you are making a recipe that calls raw or cooked green onion or scallions than we have gathered the best substitutes.

Scallions and green onions is the same food and a member of the onion family. Green onions have a fresh flavor and are milder than a yellow onion or red onion, but adds a hint of onion and garlic to your recipe. Spring onions are from the same family but harvested later than green onions.

This key ingredient is usually served raw in many home cooked recipes. They can range from Asian to Mexican recipes. It is hard to substitute the flavor, so it is worth the trip to grocery store to grab them.

How many Tablespoons is 1 Green Onion or Scallion chopped?

The ration for 1 tablespoon of one green onion is as follows:

  • 1 Medium Green Onion = 2 to 3 tablespoons of chopped green onion
Close up image of green onion chopped on a cutting board.

Best Substitute for Green Onion:

1. Chive:

Chives are similar to green onions as they are similar in taste and looks the same. When green onions is called for garnishing a dish, then chive would be the best substitute.

  • 1 Medium Green Onion = 2 to 3 tablespoons of chopped chives

2. Shallots:

If you are needing a substitute for cooked green onion, then shallots are going to be as close as it gets. The flavor is closer to a green onion than a red or yellow onion. Just thinly slice shallots in your favorite dressing or potato salad or any cook dish.

3. Onions:

Onions are a good substitute for green onions. You have the option of using yellow onions, red onions, or white onions. Yellow onions must be chopped and cooked to make a good substitute for green onions.

4. Leeks:

Leeks are a good option when they are cooked. But you only want to eat the white, pale green area. The dark green stalk leaves need to be cut off before cooking. Make sure to thoroughly rinse leeks before cooking.

Ramps or wild leeks is a very good substitute and similar flavor but they are hard to find in grocery stores.

Close up image of green onion on a cutting board.

5. Leave Out:

If your recipes calls for green onions and you are completely out, there is nothing wrong with just leaving this unique ingredient out. Green Onions are usually added at the end of stir fries or a specific ingredient in your favorite corn bread recipe.

You dish might lose a little garlic, onion flavor but it isn’t ruin.

How to Choose a Green Onion Substitute:

When looking for a substitute for green onion, you can usually find a replacement at your local grocery store. The key to finding the best one is to stay in the onion family. The most common substitutes are white onion, red onion or yellow onion.

If you are looking for that crunch or to enhance the flavor stick with garlic, ramps, oregano, or green bell peppers. Dry Green onion is a great option and can easily be found.

Green Onions and scallions adds flavor to your salad dressings and cooked dishes. Green onions can be used in many different ways, but these substitutes will help keep your recipes flavorful or add crunch when it is needed.

How to Store Green Onions:

If green onions/scallions are properly stored they can last up to 2 weeks. Store green onions in the refrigerator. Place green onions in a glass of water upright with a plastic wrap loosely covering the top.

You can also cut the green onions and wrap in paper towels, then store in a plastic bag is another good options.

How to Store Chopped Green Onions:

If you want to go ahead and chop your green onions, there is an easy way to store them. Once you have chopped the onion with a sharp knife, place in an airtight container. They will last about 5 days when placed in the refrigerator.

Do you need to wash green onions before storing?

Yes, we recommend washing the green onions before storing. This makes it easier when you are ready to use them.

Close up image of green onion on a cutting board.

More Substitutions:

Learn The Best Substitution for Green Onion for this unique ingredient. Green Onion is hard to replace but these options should help. Check out the best green onion substitutes. #eatingonadime #greenonions #substitutes #ingredientsubstitutes

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