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We have gathered The Best Vegetable Oil Substitutes for all your baking and cooking recipes. Theses substitutes will help when you run out.

A bottle of oil with two measuring cups
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Best Vegetable Oil Substitute:

We use vegetable oil in many different recipes. We use vegetable oil when we are cooking our fried chicken recipes and when we are making our favorite cake recipes.

It is a staple ingredient in our pantry but sometimes we run out. These substitutes will help in your cooking and baking recipes. We also like to try healthier options when a recipes calls for vegetables oil.

These replacements are great for when you are out or if you are switching to a healthy option. There are plenty of options so hopefully you find one that you have on hand.

What Can I use as a Substitute for Vegetable Oil?

When choosing a substitute there are 3 things it provides:

  • High-Heat Cooking
  • Cooking
  • Baking

Choosing the best substitute will depend on how you are using it.

Easy Substitute for Vegetable Oil:

Vegetable oil is a popular choice because of its high smoke point. Which basically means that it maintains its quality even though it is cooking in high heat. It is also has a neutral flavor, so when it is mixed with other ingredients it blends well.

So when choosing the a replacement when cooking, it needs to be an oil that has a high smoke point and has a neutral flavor. The best replacements that meat these 2 elements are:

  • Canola Oil
  • Safflower Oil
  • Peanut Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Ghee
A bottle of oil with two measuring cups

Can I Substitute Olive Oil for Vegetable Oil?

Yes, you can substitute olive oil but it doesn’t have a high smoke point. Olive oil would be a great option for sauteing vegetables like a stir-fry. If you are needing to fry something I would still choose the one listed above.

Vegetable Oil Substitutes for Cooking:

These substitutes are great for when cooking. Some of these options might change the low smoke point and might alter the flavor.

1. Canola Oil:

Canola oil is a good replacement because of its high smoke point. It is usually blended with canola oil and sesame oil, which makes it an easy substitute.

  • Substitute 1:1

2. Butter:

Substituting butter for Vegetable will add richness to your dish. Butter is a good substitute for baking, but if you are wanting to use it as a replacement for a deep frying a dish, then I would choose something else.

3. Avocado Oil:

Avocado oil is a good substitute for vegetable when cooking. It will give you dish more of a slight butter taste, but does have a high smoke point for frying.

  • Substitute 1:1

4. Peanut Oil:

Peanut Oil is also a good substitute. It has a neutral flavor and a high smoke point.

  • Substitute 1:1

5. Grapeseed Oil:

This substitution is not always stocked in our pantry, but if you do have this it is a good replacement.

  • Substitute 1:1

6. Ghee:

Even though Ghee is a good replacement, it does have a slight nutty flavor. It is a delicious flavor, but it might alter the taste of your dish.

  • Substitute 1:1 for Vegetable Oil

7. Olive Oil:

We like using olive oil as a substitute for sauteing or for salad dressing when we are out of vegetable oil. The Extra-Virgin Olive oil is not recommended for frying.

8. Coconut Oil:

Coconut Oil can be used for cooking or baking when you are looking for an alternative to vegetable oil. It has a lower smoke point but more use it because it is a healthier option to choose.

A bottle of oil with two measuring cups

Substituting Vegetable Oil In Baking:

1. Canola Oil:

Canola Oil is the easiest and the closest substitute. It will not alter the taste or texture of your baking recipes.

  • Substitute 1:1 for Vegetable Oil

2. Coconut Oil:

We love using coconut oil because of the many health benefits it offers. But keep in mind, that it could alter the taste of your bake goods. We recommend melting the coconut oil first before adding it to your recipe.

  • Substitute 1:1 for Vegetable Oil

3. Melted Butter:

For a tasty alternative, use melted butter. Butter does have a lower fat content than vegetable oil, so keep that in mind when substituting. When using melted butter it will change the texture of your favorite cookie recipe. This is because of the lower fat content and higher water content.

  • Substitute 1:1 for Vegetable Oil Melt butter first before adding

4. Mayonnaise:

If you are looking a swap that adds richness and moisture, mayonnaise is the perfect substitution. The next time you are making a chocolate cake, use mayonnaise instead.

  • Substitute 1:1 for Vegetable Oil

5. Avocado Oil:

Using avocado oil for a substitution gives your recipe that healthier fat. It has lower saturated fats and it a great alternative for cooking or baking.

  • Substitute 1:1 for Vegetable Oil

6. Sunflower Oil:

Sunflower Oil is also included as one of the blended ingredients in vegetable oil. So it is naturally a good substitute.

  • Substitute 1:1 for Vegetable Oil

7. Olive Oil:

Olive is a great choice as it still will give your oil in baked goods that moist and consistency that vegetable oil does.

  • Substitute 1:1

8. Greek Yogurt:

If you are looking for a lower fat option, then use Greek Yogurt as a substitute. It gives your bake goods that creamy texture that mayonnaise does.

  • Substitute 1:1

9. Applesauce:

Applesauce has always been a favorite substitution. It is low in fat and add that extra sweetness to your recipes.

More Ingredient Substitutions:

We have gathered The Best Vegetable Oil Substitutes for all your baking and cooking recipes. Theses substitutes will help when you run out. These substitutes work in baking, in brownies, in cake and in cake mixes too!  You’ll love these easy ingredient substitution ideas! #eatingonadime #ingredientsubstitutions #vegetableoil #ingredients

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