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Chicken broth is a common cooking ingredient. However, there may be times when you need a substitute for chicken broth. Find 19 Chicken Broth Substitutes.

Jar of chicken broth.
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Best Substitutes for Chicken Broth

Luckily, there is a range of alternatives that can step in to deliver similar flavors and textures. This list includes the best chicken broth substitutes, such as chicken stock, herb water, and coconut milk.

Jar of chicken broth.

These chicken broth substitutes can be used in place of chicken broth in a variety of meals.

Wine in a bowl.

1. Wine

If you’re out of chicken broth, you can always use wine instead. Whether red or white wine, wine can give dishes depth and richness, especially when used in sauces, stews, and braises.

2. Water

When you need a quick and neutral alternative to chicken broth, water is the way to go. Water may not have the same flavor-enhancing capabilities as broth, but it does act as a neutral base

3. Aquafaba

The thick liquid that comes from either canned chickpeas or home-cooked chickpeas is called Aquafaba. It has become a popular vegan alternative to chicken broth.

Soups, stews, sauces, and even vegan-friendly gravies can benefit from this substitute.

4. Beef Broth

Although beef broth is not an exact substitute for chicken broth, it can be used in place of it when necessary. The beef broth’s strong and savory flavors can elevate simple recipes to the next level.

Jar of chicken broth.

5. Fish Sauce

The savory characteristics it provides can give your dishes a distinctive flavor. It’s perfect for Asian-inspired dishes like stir-fries, curries, and seafood soups.

6. Dashi

Dashi, a traditional Japanese stock, is made by combining dried fish flakes with kelp. It can be added to some recipes to enhance the savory flavors, even though it is not a chicken-based alternative.

7. Herb Water

Herbs like rosemary, thyme, and parsley can be infused in water. It will produce an aromatic and tasty liquid that can be used in place of chicken broth. 

Try mixing and matching different herbs until you find an infusion that goes well with your dish of choice.

8. Coconut Milk

Chicken broth can be replaced with coconut milk. This is a creamy and somewhat sweet alternative, especially in dishes that have a hint of a tropical flavor.

Bowl of tomato sauce.

9. Tomato Sauce

When a recipe calls for chicken broth, tomato sauce can be used instead to add a tangy, somewhat acidic base. The tomato flavor with basil, bay leaves and garlic goes well with many different ingredients and is especially welcome in Italian-style recipes like pasta sauce.

Jar of chicken broth.

10. Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is similar to chicken broth. However, the flavor is stronger because of the longer heating period and the inclusion of bones. It’s a great substitute for chicken broth and works in just as many different recipes.

11. Non-dairy Milk

Chicken broth can be replaced with non-dairy milk like almond, soy, or oat milk in vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Ramen noodles spread out.

12. Ramen Seasoning

Instant ramen noodles frequently come with ramen seasoning packets. The flavor profile makes a delicious and savory base for noodle soups with equal parts water. It is perfect for Asian style recipes.

13. Vegetable Stock

Those on a vegetarian or vegan diet can easily swap out the chicken broth for vegetable broth, which adds flavor and complexity to dishes. Vegetables such as carrots, celery and spices simmering together make this flavorful liquid.

Mushroom soup in a jar.

14. Mushroom Soup

In recipes calling for a deep and earthy flavor, mushroom soup can be a delicious alternative to chicken broth. Mushroom soup, which is made by boiling mushrooms, onions, herbs, and other seasonings, has a rich umami flavor that elevates simple dishes.

15. Chicken seasoning

If you’re out of chicken broth but still want to add some chicken flavor to your recipe, you can use a store-bought or homemade chicken seasoning mix.

Common ingredients in mixes like these include fresh herbs, spices, and pantry staples that are meant to mimic the taste of chicken.

Tomato paste in a bowl.

16. Organic Tomato Paste

In dishes that require a rich and vibrant flavor, organic tomato paste with onion powders, tarragon and oregano can be used as a concentrated and tangy alternative to chicken broth.

17. Salted Butter and Water

If you’re out of chicken broth, you can make a quick and easy alternative by melting some salted butter into a cup of water. This blend works well as a flavorful base for a variety of recipes, especially those that require a little extra fat and moisture.

18. Chicken Bouillon Cube or Chicken Bouillon Granules

Chicken bouillon powder granules are a concentrated form of chicken broth that can be dissolved in hot water to make a quick and easy substitute. Once combined with boiling water, it is the perfect substitute for a cup of chicken broth.

19. Organic Vegetable Bouillon

Organic vegetable bouillon cubes or powders are a great substitute for chicken broth, especially in vegetarian or vegan dishes. A dish’s overall flavor can be improved by adding vegetable bouillon, which has a savory and rich flavor.

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