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I’m calling this recipe Lazy Day Crockpot Ravioli Lasagna because it is perfect for that lazy day, when you know you have to cook, but you really don’t want to! You will love this easy meal.

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Overview of the Lazy Day Crock Pot Lasagna Recipe in the crock pot with a large spoon scooping out a serving.

Easy Crock Pot Lasagna Recipe:

This quick and easy crockpot lasagna will give you a delicious dinner on your table without tons of work.  You get the joy and the taste of a classic lasagna without all the work.

This quick and simple crock pot recipe is now on our regular rotation list!  It’s one of my family’s favorites and I hope you try it soon!

No Lasagna Noodles Needed:

Have you tried cooking lasagna noodles in the crock pot? I tried using dried lasagna noodles in the crock pot and they never turn out right. They tend to still be crunchy or the lasagna noodles become very mushy.

Then I discovered using frozen ravioli instead and it has been a game changer for my family. They cook perfectly in the crock pot. It saves me time and money, plus my sanity.

I can ensure that I will be feeding my family a good meal that taste good too.

A Good Crock Pot is a must!

I have a large family which means I have a lot of crock pots too.  I probably use a crock pot 3-4 nights a week so I wanted to make sure that I had one that consistently cooked meals perfectly and was reliable.

Out of all the slow cookers that I currently own (that’s 3 if you’re counting), I really love my Instant Pot Aura

My favorite feature about this crock pot is that it has a cooktop feature which allows you to also brown meat in the same crock pot for recipes that require that.

It is so handy to just have the one pan to clean and it’s easy to clean as the removable insert has a non stick quality. 

A small white plate of this lazy day lasagna with 2 silver forks behind it.

Crockpot Lasagna with Ravioli:

This is my go-to recipe when my family wants lasagna. Using cheese ravioli’s saves me so much time as the crock pot does all the work for me. The ravioli’s replace having to layer with pasta and ricotta cheese. Plus I like to put the cheese on top and it cooks with everything else, giving that cheesy topping.

I don’t have to use separate pans to cook the noodles. Everything goes into the crockpot for an easy, filling dinner.

Variations to Ravioli Lasagna Crock pot:

  • Ravioli – Frozen ravioli works best with this recipe. We used the cheese filled ravioli but you can use other kinds. Try the spinach and cheese filled or the sausage and cheese filled. I think they both would add in so much flavor.
  • Try Ground Sausage – We typically use ground beef in this recipe. But if I have some Italian Sausage or even breakfast sausage, I will add this to my ground beef. We love the extra flavor it brings.
  • Frozen Meatballs – We also have added frozen meatballs to this crockpot.
  • Spaghetti Sauce – Instead of Crushed tomatoes, you can use a jar of spaghetti sauce or tomato sauce. Any flavor will work.
  • Add in some onion and garlic to add some more flavor. I like adding them to my meat when I am cooking it.
  • Spinach – To sneak in those veggies, add in some fresh spinach with sauce. We love the flavor it gives and spinach has so many health benefits.
  • Ground Turkey – You can use ground turkey instead of ground beef if you prefer. I usually mix the two together if I want to add in some ground turkey.


  • Frozen Cheese Ravioli
  • Ground Beef
  • Crushed Tomatoes – You can also use marinara sauce.
  • Italian Seasoning (Homemade Italian Seasoning Recipe)
  • Garlic Salt
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Parmesan Cheese
Overview of this slow cooker lazy day lasagna recipe in a black crock pot with a large wooden spoon next to it.

How do you make Crockpot Ravioli Lasagna?

  • Brown Ground Beef – First, in a large skillet brown the beef.  You’ll want to brown the beef completely and drain off the remaining fat in the skillet.
  • Add in tomatoes and seasoning – Next, in the same skillet (we don’t want tons of dishes), stir in the crushed tomatoes and seasonings until thoroughly combined with the cooked beef.
  • Scoop some meat sauce in your crock pot – Then in your favorite crock pot cover the bottom with some of this delicious meat sauce you just created. We like to spray crock pot with cooking spray.
  • Top with a layer of raviolis and cheese – Next place a layer of ravioli across the bottom of the slow cooker on top of the pasta sauce.  Then cover these raviolis with a layer of the mozzarella cheese.
  • Add until all ingredients layered in crockpot – Continue this same process until all the meat sauce and ravioli are used.  It’s ok to use the frozen ravioli.  You do not have to thaw them prior to making this recipe.
  • Top with meat sauce – Ensure that a layer of the meat sauce is on top.
  • Add a topping of cheese – Finally top with one last layer of the mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. The cheese mixture will blend so well while it is cooking.
  • Cook ingredients – Then in your 6 or 8 quart crock pot cover and cook on low in the slow cooker for 4 hours. Cooking time will vary based on when cheese is melted.
  • Rest after cooking – Once it’s done cooking, turn off your crock pot and let the meal sit for about 15 to 30 minutes before you cut and serve this delicious lazy day lasagna recipe!
Overview of this slow cooker lazy day lasagna recipe in a black crock pot with a large wooden spoon next to it and parsley behind it as well.

Can I use Refrigerated Style Raviolis instead of Frozen?

We recommend using Frozen Raviolis but you can use fresh. I would just decrease the cooking time by 1 hour.

Should I Thaw the Raviolis?

No, you do not need to thaw the raviolis. That is why I love this recipe so much because very little prep time is needed.

What do you serve with this lasagna?

  • This lazy day slow cooker lasagna recipe is so good, you can easily serve with your favorite side salad and crusty garlic bread or garlic bread cheese sticks.  Yummy!
  • You could also serve this delicious recipe with your favorite vegetable side dish.  I love cooking broccoli in the microwave because I can have a healthy and delicious side dish prepared in no time at all for my family.
A plate of this lazy day crock pot lasagna recipe next to the crock pot with the rest of the lasagna in the crock pot.

Can you Freeze Lazy Lasagna?

I think my love of freezer cooking is almost as strong as my love of slow cooking!  I have a large family so freezer cooking ensures that I get dinner on the table every single night for my family.

This recipe can be easily converted into a quick and easy freezer meal to stock your freezer for those busy nights.

If you enjoy freezer cooking as much as I do, I encourage you to check out our Lazy Day Cooking Club. This club is a freezer cooking meal plan that provides you with great recipes, instructions on how to freeze and all the ingredients that you need for great crock pot recipes.

This club takes away the stress of deciding what’s for dinner and gets dinner on your table in less time by teaching you the joy of freezer cooker!

How Can I Make this Vegetarian?

Yes, you can. Just omit the ground beef. You can add in some additional vegetables such as zucchini and you won’t miss the meat.

A fork with multiple raviolis on it lifting it away from the plate filled with a serving of this Lazy Day Lasagna.

How to store Lazy Crock Pot Lasagna:

This Lazy Day Slow Cooker Ravioli Lasagna makes a large portion. So we normally have leftovers even with my large family. You can refrigerate in an airtight container for about 4-5 days. This is a perfect leftover meal that you can enjoy the next night.

It also freezes great too! We like to keep in individual containers so they make an easy lunch for my husband. He loves when we have lasagna leftover as it makes the perfect lunch.

A fork with multiple raviolis on it lifting it away from the plate filled with a serving of this Lazy Day Lasagna with a crock pot, tomato and parsley behind it.

How to Reheat Crock Pot Lasagna with Ravioli:

When you are ready to serve your leftovers, place them in a microwave safe dish and reheat. You can also reheat on your stovetop.

If heating in the microwave, start by heating in 1 minute intervals.

Print this Lazy Crockpot Lasagna recipe below: 

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Lazy Day Crock pot Lasagna Recipe

4.96 from 424 votes
This is our lazy day crock pot lasagna recipe. You are going to love this fun twist on a traditional lasagna with this easy crock pot lasagna.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 4 hours
Resting Time 15 minutes
Total Time 4 hours 5 minutes
Servings 10
Cuisine American, Italian
Course Main Course
Calories 516
Author Carrie Barnard



  • In a large skillet brown the beef completely and drain off any remaining fat.
  • Stir in all the cans of tomatoes, and seasonings.
  • In a 6 quart crock pot, cover the bottom with some of the sauce.
  • Then place a layer of ravioli across the bottom.
  • Then place a layer of the mozzarella cheese.
  • Continue this until all the meat sauce and the ravioli is used.
  • You want to end with the meat sauce on top.
  • Then top with the leftover mozzarella cheese and add the parmesan cheese on top.
  • Cook on low for 3-4 hours.
  • Turn off and let it sit for about 15 minutes before you serve. Cut and serve. Serve with your favorite side salad and crusty garlic bread.

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Recipe Notes

Refrigerate the leftovers in an air tight container for up to 5-7 days.  

Nutrition Facts

Serving 8ounces, Calories 516kcal, Carbohydrates 39g, Protein 32g, Fat 25g, Saturated Fat 11g, Cholesterol 101mg, Sodium 1648mg, Potassium 528mg, Fiber 4g, Sugar 7g, Vitamin A 510IU, Vitamin C 11.4mg, Calcium 455mg, Iron 10.2mg

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This is our lazy day crock pot lasagna recipe. You are going to love this fun twist on a traditional lasagna with this easy crock pot lasagna recipe with ravioli. This slow cooker lazy day lasagna recipe that is simple to make! #eatingonadime #lazydaylasagna #crockpot #crockpotrecipes #lasagna
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  1. Can I use lasagna noodles instead of frozen cheese ravioli and spaghetti sauce instead of crushed tomatoes

  2. Add some mushrooms, peppers and onions to sauce. Add some ricotta cheese between layers.

  3. I just made this today and it was super easy (as I am not the best cook and I need easy). It was oh sooooo good!! I highly recommend this! We are busy every day of the week so the fact I can make it in a crockpot sure makes life easier!! Thank you!

  4. 5 stars
    maybe put in a couple layers of ricotta and parmesan the idea of using the ravioli

  5. Do not use 1 tablespoon of garlic salt……maybe a half or quarter…soooooo salty !…plus I had to use a jar of spaghetti sauce and brown sugar to cut down all the salt.I hope it turns out.

  6. 5 stars
    I would use the meat raviolis as my family doesn’t like cheese raviolis. But definitely will try.

  7. 5 stars
    Made it 2 weeks ago and it was a big hit!!! We loved it so much gonna make it again today. I used Italian sausage instead ???

  8. I saw another version of this – almost identical – except it said cook on HIGH for 4 hours…..does it need to be in HIGH or LOW heat?

  9. How much tomatoe sauce should you use if not using crushed tomatoes? I have some jarrred sauce on hand.

  10. This looks good. I’m thinking it will be on our rotation also. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Yes, I would just make sure you add in ricotta cheese too. The ravioli already have the cheese inside. 🙂

  12. I made it for dinner was great but next time I’m going to cut the salt down to 1teaspoon instead of 1 tablespoon , I also doubled the recipe and baked in the oven

  13. 5 stars
    I’m not a cook; I’m a retired guy who every now and then likes to try to cook something for my wife and me to give her a break. I made the Lazy Day Crock pot Lasagne tonight and it was surprisingly good. Not surprising from a standpoint of this web site, but surprising since I was able to make it!

    The crushed tomatoes that I used had salt added, so with the garlic salt, it was a little TOO salty. Next time I’ll just use garlic powder if the crushed tomatoes have salt in it. And we didn’t have 4 cups of mozzarella on hand, only had 3 cups. And it worked out quite well with just 3. Also, we were a little anxious to eat and forgot to let it sit for about 15 minutes so it was a little runny (but only for the first helping). I probably overate it was so good.

    Thank you Carrie.

  14. Can you shorten the cooking time? Say like 2hrs on high or 1 hr on high and 3 on low???

  15. I would add mushrooms and maybe use the spinach ravioli and a touch of red pepper seasoning with ground turkey sausage

  16. The only thing I’m changing from my 1st try (it still was inhaled, including by my picky eater 😉 ) is to add more crushed tomatoes – 2 28 oz cans. It needed slightly more, for our taste.

  17. I made this it is absolutely the best and no time to prepare…no mess..the recipe makes a lot..I had 4 adults for dinner and still had enough for another meal…

  18. I’m making it right now in my crock pot..
    Smells sooooooooo DELICIOUS too. !!

  19. You mentioned it will feed your whole family. How many people do you feed with this recipe as it is?

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    I made this last night & even my way picky daughter loved it! This recipe is yummy & easy! Thanks for sharing. ?

  21. Can it be left to cook for longer, say 9 hours or would it dry out and burn? Or can it cook on high for 2 1/2 hrs?

  22. My family doesn’t like crushed or whole tomatoes, could I used a prepared sause like Prego instead?

  23. My family doesn’t like crushed or whole tomatoes, could I used a prepared sause like Prego instead? Would you use 1 or 2 jars?

  24. 5 stars
    I’ve made this 4 times now. I added a small can of tomato sauce with Italian seasoning as well as 2x the garlic as per request from my family. So delicious. I’ve also experimented with different ravioli but the five cheese blend seems to be the best. Thank you!

  25. I want to try this but one tablespoon of garlic salt seems like way too much. What about using garlic powder instead to cut down on the salt as most of the other ingredients especially the cheese already contain plenty of salt?

  26. 5 stars
    This is the best lasagna I’ve ever had…I don’t make it the traditional way anymore…

  27. I made this dish! what a great meal. I used my own home made sauce and added the other ingredients into my crock pot, set for four hours on low and turned out delicious!!

  28. Ok I made this today. It is very good. A couple things. Do NOT get little raviolis I do not think they have as much Cheese in them. After 4 hrs mine was not done so baked it for an hour at 350.!that was too long. Maybe 30 min if you want like baked lasagna.

  29. 5 stars
    I made this the other day and it was delicious! Because it’s just me, I used my 1.5 qt. crock pot and saved the leftover sauce, cheese and ravioli for another batch. I suspect this would freeze well too! Thanks for the great recipe.

  30. I tried this recipe but it burned along the edges and had to turn it off after 3 1/2 hours. Very disappointing in the crock pot but possibly better in the oven.

  31. Can this recipe be doubled in a 7 qt. crockpot? My daughter wants leftovers for lunch the next day? My kids loved it the first time I made it.

  32. I made this last weekend. It was very tasty but too salty for my taste. I’d reduce the garlic salt to 1 teaspoon or use minced garlic and salt to taste.

  33. 4 stars
    Instead of doing this on low for 4 hours in the crock pot would 2 hours on high work as well?

  34. I made some last night , quick and easy to do .. cooked in slow cooker for only 1 hr cause the meat was already cooked before putting in pot .. YUMMO ?

  35. Yes I know this may be a stupid question but is the parmesan cheese from a can or in the dairy?

  36. Hi Patty, either will work but I usually grate my own. thanks for trying and I hope it turns out fantastic for you.

  37. What about just using spaghetti sauce instead of the tomatoes and seasonings?

  38. If I throw it together the night before Leaving it in fridge over night. Then turning it on later the next day…
    Would it work? Or would the ravioli get soggy?

  39. I just put this in the crockpot and was so simple and quick to put together. I’ll let you know how mine turns out. Inviting the neighbors over for dinner, so fingers crossed! Debbie

  40. 5 stars
    Oh Carrie! You hit the jackpot on this one!!! We had it tonight with our neighbors as our guinea pigs, uh, I mean as our dinner guests, and we ALL LOVED IT!!!! This is definitely a keeper recipe. And so easy to make. I never would have thought to use ravioli, but I loved the flavor it gave. I followed your recipe exactly except I didn’t have enough crushed tomatoes, so I used a can of spaghetti sauce. It made so much that we all will have leftovers tomorrow. Out of 5 stars, I give this recipe a 10 because of ease and flavor! Thank you! Debbie

  41. 5 stars
    Hi Carrie!
    WOW! I made this Lasagna a couple of days ago! (I did add a few more spices, and a chopped onion.) It instantly rose to the title of FAVORITE LASAGNA EVER category!!! Thanks! I love it!

  42. 5 stars
    I made this today using spaghetti sauce, and instead of meat, we used spinach. Next time we are trying zucchini and eggplant. I also added some ricotta… this was a major hit with my family!!

  43. Yes you can! HEre is a lightly different version where you bake it here -

  44. Made it today it was good. This a great way to have lasagna on hot day without heating up the house.

  45. 5 stars
    Can you use edamame noodles and stir in riocotta cheese? My family is carb free and it’s hard making our old favorite comfy foods so I’m trying to keep things interesting here. This looks great I just wouldn’t know when to add the edamame. Thanks

  46. 5 stars
    Ive made it a lot since I found the recipe. Its very easy and taste very good. Only thing I’ve found a problem is that alot of grocery stores doesnt have crushed tomatoes. Walmart carries all the items and it doesn’t cost much for a family.

  47. 5 stars
    This is delicious just the way it is. So easy. My kids love it as much as I do. Thank you!

  48. Do u think it would be ok to cook it on high for an hour and then turn down to low for an hour?

  49. 5 stars
    I made this for dinner tonight. The changes I made was i added sweet Italian sausage to the hamburger, in the sauce I added fennel, 2 garlic cloves, basil, parsley, Italian seasoning, 2 tbs sugar. It was absolutely amazing. I also did a vegitarian style with spinach for my daughter… yummmmmmm! They all loved it.

  50. 5 stars
    if i use lasagne noodles cook them but not all the way thru, still 4 hours on low in crock pot?

  51. I do used more over with crockpot lot like porkchope . Chicken . Soup thing like do so easy to fix thanks Terri ?

  52. 5 stars
    I used the bigger raviolis, the round ones. I also added fresh mushrooms to the sauce, onions and garlic as well. Really tasty.

  53. 5 stars
    I just had to try and make this delicious recipe! Im waiting on it to get done! It’s really looking good??Thanks??a bunch ??Tammy??

  54. Trying this tonight but it was last minute so put it on high for 2 hours and pray it comes out OK. Uses fresh mozzarella instead of shredded…..fingers crossed!

  55. Made it last night. Omg….yummy! Will definitely be making this again and again.
    Can’t get any easier and less time and money than making a pan of lasagna.

  56. This is what’s for supper tonight along with cheesy Texas Toast. Going to use spaghetti sauce instead of whole tomatoes so my husband will eat it. Yummy

  57. Did anyone else’s come out really watery? We haven’t taken any out to eat yet, it’s doing the 15 minutes of sitting while I warm my bread. But mine looks quite watery on the sides.

  58. Looks good, but definitely not cheap. The frozen beef ravioli is almost $5.00 a bag here, and it looks like I’d need 2 bags. Will still try it though.

  59. 5 stars
    If I throw it together the night before Leaving it in fridge over night. Then turning it on later the next day…
    Would it work? Or would the ravioli get soggy? It looks GREAT. Haven’t tired it yet but we will tomorrow.

  60. Looks yummy! Do you thaw the ravioli before you put it on? Worried about the sauce being watery if they are left frozen…

  61. Question can you use Beef Ravioli instead of Cheese ? I want to make it tomorrow for dinner

  62. If I use spaghetti sauce instead of the cans of tomatoes, how much should I use? So anxious to try this. Thank you.

  63. 5 stars
    I am making this tonight keeping fingers crossed it works well. Someone had asked about how to make it veggie depending on how this work I am gonna try mushroom ravs next. Thanks for the great Idea.

  64. 5 stars
    mine is in the slow cooker right now waiting for me to get home this is one of our favorites it is my daughter’s favorite turns out great every time I like to use one large can of crushed tomatoes and one jar of spaghetti sauce!!?

  65. 5 stars
    Made this with plain uncooked lasagne noodles and ricotta / cottage cheese. It turned out GREAT. This is a favorite dinner at horse shows ‘cause the crockpot does most of the work. Thanks for posting the recipe.

  66. 5 stars
    Made this recently for a girlfriend and her family. She asked for the recipe and commented that it was “the best lasagna she has ever tried!”
    Will be making this again!

  67. 5 stars
    I just love this recipe. It’s so easy to make and I have to have two different crockpots going of this because my family loves it so much. I also add ricotta to mines.

  68. 5 stars
    This recipe turned out great (and I was actually surprised at how inexpensive cheese ravioli turned out to be). It was really simple and 4 hours as a cook time from frozen was really convenient–i get home from work before the rest of my household and was able to make it after work and still eat at a semi-reasonable hour. We did find that it fell apart when scooping it out of the crock pot though. Any suggestions for how to keep it together when serving?

  69. 5 stars
    I’m a good cook except when it comes to lasagna. I made this yesterday and it turned out awesome. I used turkey Italian sausage instead of beef and the flavor was amazing. I also used a 9×13 pan instead of the crock pot since I want to cut in squares and freeze the leftovers.

  70. 5 stars
    Love this easy recipe! I usually add 1 can petite diced tomatoes, 2 cans tomato sauce, and 1 jar Prego spaghetti sauce with Italian sausage. I use chopped garlic, and garlic powder in the meat while it’s cooking. I add 1 tsp sugar to cut down on the acid from the tomatoes. I buy 3 pkgs of shredded 6 cheese Italian blend. Be sure to add your seasoning to your beef while it’s cooking, as well as to the sauce while it’s simmering. I layered my CP meat sauce, frozen cheese ravioli, and 1 pkg shredded cheese. I make about 3 layers doing this ending with cheese on top. I then cook it for 3 hours on high, and check to see if raviolis are done using a fork. I let rest for 15-20 minutes so it can firm up then serve. My family loves it!!!! I’m making it now for my birthday dinner. No more cooking for 5 hours making homemade lasagna for me!

  71. I used mushroom ravioli. Also, I combined 2 cans crushed tomatoes and 1 can petite diced tomatoes. I only used 1/2 tbs garlic powder NOT salt. I mixed 2 cups mozzarella and a small container of ricotta cheese. This mixture turned out great!
    Next time I plan to add eggplant and spinach. See what happens.

  72. 5 stars
    I’m using beef ravioli this time to make it even more “lazy”. I usually put ricotta between the layers and I cook it on high for 2 hours and it turns out great every time.

  73. My husband just loves it when I make this recipe! I’m making it again tonight for dinner. The only thing I do different is that I use garlic powder, and then I season my sauce with about a 1/4 teaspoon of the pink Himalayan salt. I also season my ground beef with a little fresh ground black pepper, garlic powder, and the Pink Himalayan salt to give the ground beef a little extra flavor. I found that by using garlic powder instead of the garlic salt which I use 1 Tablespoon then 1/4 teaspoon of the pink Himalayan salt your sauce isn’t as salty and it comes out flavoured perfectly! Also we don’t really care for mozzarella cheese as we find that when it starts to cool off it tends to get a little rubbery. I buy the Italian cheese blend that is pretty shredded. You can find it at Walmart, County Market. I use about 3 cups and Parmesan cheese. If turns out so yummy. And tastes exactly like homemade lasagna! I’ve had so many compliments on it.

  74. 5 stars
    Hi Carrie ?,
    I already posted a comment about this fantastic recipe ????? But I forgot to rate it with 5 stars ????? Congratulations on almost hitting 2 million followers ?
    And on your marriage You looked so gorgeous.?????
    May ya’ll have the greatest honeymoon and be Blessed immensely in your marriage and as a Blended family ????????
    We love ya’ll ????????

  75. Great recipe cooking now. Second time I made it and my husband loves it. Followed recipe exactly perfect. Thanks for this simple recipe!

  76. 5 stars
    Making this for the second time. My husband loves it. Followed recipe exactly and comes out perfectly. Will never make regular lasagna again. Thanks for this great recipe!

  77. Making this for the second time. My husband loves it. I followed the recipe exactly both times. I will never make regular lasagna again. This is my go to. Thanks for a great recipe!

  78. Sounds great! My crockpot is only 4.5 quart. Should I half the recipe to prevent boil over? If this fits in the 4.5 quart, how much longer should it cook? High or low?
    Thank you!

  79. If the amounts can layer in your crock pot, I think you’ll be fine and it should not boil over. I would extend the cook time by 1 hour. Thank you!

  80. If making this in the instant pot, I would add 1 cup of water or beef broth and cook on high pressure for 4 minutes with a quick release. Thank you!

  81. This was so GOOD and so EASY. I don’t think I will ever make traditional lasagna again. I used 2 jars of pasta sauce, 1 lb. ground beef and 1/2 lb Italian sausage. Everyone loved it.

  82. I always for the the lazy day lasagna but I have to pass on by because I never buy frozen ravioli to have “on hand.” Oh, well. Glad everyone else likes it. I make an easy ziti instead.

  83. I don’t have frozen ravioli but do have a package of the ones you refrigerate. How long in crock pot since they aren’t frozen?

  84. 5 stars
    This is really good. Since there are just 2 of us and my crockpot is smaller I froze half of the meat sauce and just used half of everything to make the recipe. Added a block of Mozzerella and 250g package of fresh ravioli. Today I am using the frozen half for a quick meal – just adding cheese and ravioli.

  85. 5 stars
    I love this! I did make a change though. I use a jar of the 45oz Ragu spaghetti sauce instead of the cans of tomatoes. It gives it more flavor I think.

  86. 5 stars
    My kids love this! Even my husband! Great recipe if you forgot to plan supper and you can throw this together quickly in the crockpot and it’s ready in 4 hrs! Amazing!

  87. Love this ex lasagna recipie, so delicious and all my kids loved it! It’s a win-win!!!

  88. 5 stars
    This was the very first LDCC recipe I ever made and I have been hooked on the club ever since ….absolutely delicious and so easy to make.

  89. 5 stars
    So easy! So delicious!! I’ve been known to use jar pasta sauce for this recipe when I don’t have canned tomatoes on hand, but I still add the spices recommended to give it a bit more punch. Family loves it. Thank you Carrie!

  90. We love this lasagna. My husbund hates food in crockpot but he loves this. Any time hes hungry for Italian food he ask for this.

  91. 5 stars
    Hi Carrie, I want to say I love this recipe. I have made it in the crock pot but also in a 9×9 baking dish. I made it for a neighbor of mine as she had just gotten out of the hospital from hip surgery and knew she would not be up to cooking. Her family said it was so good. I served it with Garlic Bread and a side salad.

  92. I’m so glad you enjoyed it Sandie – Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

  93. 5 stars
    This is such a delicious smelling recipe to come home to after working all day! I love how this is such a meal in itself, and super easy to come home, make a salad, and dinner is DONE!

  94. 5 stars
    The Lazy Day lasagna is the best, the same taste of lasagna with half the mess. My son’s and I both love this recipe. So much easier to make send the regular lasagna.

  95. 5 stars
    This is a hit in our house! It is so good! We serve it with a side salad &/or garlic bread & the leftovers are amazing!

  96. 5 stars
    Love this idea and recipe for a quick dinner for the family, i used meatballs as well when i didn’t have ground beef.

  97. 5 stars
    Absolutely love this one. It’s so good & very easy to make. It’s great when you want homemade lasagna, but don’t have the time to make it.

  98. 5 stars
    Very seldom do I find a recipe that all 3 of my boys LOVE and this was a WINNER for sure! I love it because it was so fast and easy. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it because I’m not a huge fan of ravioli but I loved it too! This will DEFINATELY be on our meal rotation 🙂

  99. 5 stars
    This was my very first recipe that I tried from Eating on a Dime. I was absolutely floored on how good it was. I was sold!

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  109. Yes I would, Save that beef for another dinner. I’ve made it with beef ravioli and it is still delicious!

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    I prefer ground beef

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    I absolutely love this recipe because I always make lasagna for Christmas Eve and it’s a lot of work. I do make my own sauce the day before so it can blend the flavors overnight. I add ground Italian sausage to my very lean ground beef like 90%. This time I pureed a whole red bell pepper, two Roma tomatoes and used 2 cans of petite diced tomatoes, along with garlic, onion and spices. It was so delicious I like it better than regular lasagna! And from a family that specializes in Great lasagnas I’m very impressed with this recipe! Thank you so much! I will probably never make a pan lasagna again after having this. It’s just so good. I used a bag of five cheese ravioli. And along with the mozzarella I used a shredded Italian blend that also has Parmesan in it and and shredded Parmesan. Then on the top layer, instead of doing the shredded Parmesan on top of the other cheeses, I used shaved Parmesan and it was just so beautiful and delicious! I would give 10 stars if they were there! I I’m going to make this more often than I have pan lasagna.

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