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If you need a quick meal on the go, try Walking tacos! Everything you love about tacos gets combined into a yummy bag of Doritos! This is a great meal for parties or when you need a quick meal. Clean up is a breeze and everyone loves this delicious meal.

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A walking taco on a wooden platter with a plastic fork in the bag.

Walking tacos

We have had some family stuff and our friends have been so kind to bring dinner to help us. One of them brought us walking tacos, and we loved them. So… of course, we made them again.

Yes… it is tacos in a bag!

I just had to share with you this easy walking tacos recipe because our family simply loves them. Last time you all loved my Walking Taco Recipe with Fritos!, but today we are making it with Doritos! It is so easy too!  

The kids just love the fact that they are eating tacos in a bag. The first time they had them, they kept asking, “So no plate? No bowls?” It was hilarious. We kept telling them, nope. We just are eating tacos in a bag. 

Once they get used to it, they loved it! Plus,  I love that I don’t even have dirty plates to wash!

It is the perfect dinner for crazy busy weeknight meal… or a family party… or just because. 🙂

What is a Walking taco?

I have been asked several times what are walking tacos, and the answer is simple. You just need a single serving of chips, some kind of meat, and some toppings.

You cut open the chips and pour in your ingredients and enjoy! Yes, it is that simple. We make these on busy nights and for birthday parties.

Usually we end up with left over taco meat or left over chili and I make this walking taco recipe. If I have leftover meat, I often freeze it.

It’s perfect to pull out of the freezer on busy nights for this meal. Having a few things in the freezer has really helped us. Dinner time can be so hectic but not with this easy meal!

Ingredients needed to make walking tacos.


Close up of a walking taco on a wooden platter with a plastic fork in the bag.

How to make Walking Tacos:

The ground beef browned and seasoning with the salsa and the taco seasoning in a cast iron skillet.
  • Prepare the taco toppings.
  • You will need at least one bag of single serve Doritos for every person. We buy ours in bulk at Sam’s or online on Amazon. 
  • Each person will crush their bag of chips to crunch up the Doritos.
  • Cut open the bag of Doritos down the side.
  • Spoon the Taco meat inside and then top with your favorite taco toppings.
  • Stir with a spoon and eat straight from a bag!

Change up the classic Walking Tacos Recipe:

This Walking Tacos recipe is easy to change up, just by changing your chips.

We have eaten them with regular Doritos, but you can try the Cool Ranch Doritos, or even Fritos.  One of my kids wanted to make them with some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, which I bet would be good too.

The fun thing about this Walking tacos recipe is that everyone will love it and they can make it their way just by changing the chips and by adding in what they want.

Plus Mom will love it, because the clean up will be less. 😉 At least, that might be my personal favorite part.

A close up of a walking taco with Doritos on a wooden platter with a plastic fork in the bag.

What to serve with walking tacos:

This is such a fun recipe for parties! Everyone can grab an individual bag of Doritos.  I like to put out lots of different taco toppings. Everyone can grab a chip bag and add what they like. It’s super easy. I usually put out sour cream, green onion, salsa, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, guacamole and hot sauce. Just use what you have on hand and that you know everyone likes.

We love to make a Walking Taco Bar!

Sometimes I will put out different bags of doritos so people can choose. Even with these different options, it’s still so simple. It’s the perfect party food.

Overview of the top of a walking taco with extra bags of Doritos behind it.

Walking Taco Bar Ideas:

I use divided serving trays. These work perfect to put all the various toppings in. Guests can stop by each platter and grab what they like. It really makes it so easy. Another great idea is to have a Nacho Bar for parties. So fun!

I love ideas that allow me to actually enjoy the party or my guests. No one wants to spend the entire party or event in the kitchen preparing and getting ready.

With simple meal ideas like this, you can enjoy the party with all of the other guests. Make memories and enjoy your time with everyone! It’s sure to be a great party.

Time Saving Tip:

Make your taco meat ahead of time. Toss it in the crock pot with ¼ cup of water and your taco meat will stay fresh, warm, and delicious! Then it is ready when you are ready to eat. This is a great tip for those of you throwing a party or family gathering too.

If you don’t have a crock pot yet, here are some nice ones on sale.  I love the programmable crock pot  for when you are not at home. It’s great so that you can have it cook for the perfect amount of time. I love coming home to dinner waiting!

Print your Walking taco recipe below:

A walking taco on a wooden platter with a plastic fork in the bag with tomatoes, parsley and extra bags of Doritos behind it.

Walking Tacos are simple and tasty!

It’s perfect for tailgating or you can do walking tacos camping food and more! Birthdays, holidays and just any get together! You will love how easy these are. They take little to no work and everyone loves them.

Plus, clean up is so easy. It is truly a taco in a bag! Whatever type of chips you prefer, it’s sure to be a big hit! It’s also budget friendly! We even like it with Cool Ranch Doritos. You could put out lots of different bags!

It’s a great idea for football games and so much more. You will be amazed at how tasty a little bag of fritos is with lots of delicious toppings. Everyone is always thrilled when they find out it’s walking taco night!

It’s nice to have a meal that is easy, budget friendly and everyone enjoys. That is a mom win for sure.

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Quick & Easy Walking Tacos Recipe

4.94 from 104 votes
What is a walking taco? You are going to love this walking tacos recipe. It is easy to make and the entire family loves Walking tacos. Learn how to make a walking taco. We love making a walking taco bar for parties!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 8
Cuisine American, Mexican
Course Appetizer, Dinner
Calories 317
Author Carrie Barnard


  • single serve bag of Doritos or Fritos – one person
  • 2 lbs of taco meat ready we use our homemade taco seasoning mix
  • Favorite taco toppings chopped lettuce, tomatoes, homemade guacamole, shredded cheese, or sour cream


  • Prepare your taco meat. We like to use our Homemade taco seasoning mix recipe and I even like to add in ¼ cup of salsa to our taco meat.
  • Prepare the taco toppings.
  • You will need at least one bag of single serve Doritos for every person. We buy ours in bulk at Sam’s or online on Amazon.
  • Each person will crush their bag of chips to crunch up the Doritos.
  • Cut open the bag of Doritos down the side.
  • Spoon the Taco meat inside and then top with your favorite taco toppings.
  • Stir with a spoon and eat straight from a bag!

Nutrition Facts

Calories 317kcal, Carbohydrates 4g, Protein 28g, Fat 20g, Saturated Fat 9g, Cholesterol 96mg, Sodium 245mg, Potassium 399mg, Vitamin A 215IU, Calcium 176mg, Iron 2.8mg

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What is a walking taco? You are going to love this walking tacos recipe. It is easy to make and the entire family loves Walking tacos. Learn how to make a walking taco. We love making a walking taco bar for a party for a crowd.  Also, these are perfect for camping! #eatingonadime #walkingtacos #tacorecipes #mexicanrecipes
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  1. One of our Boy Scout Patrols want to have Walking Tacos for dinner this Saturday. Any recommendations on making this in the field. My Scout and I are going to pre-cook the meat. Should we add anything to it when cooking it<

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  5. I do 1 packet of taco seasoning for the 2 pounds of meat as I think that the packets have a strong flavor. Thank you!

  6. This had been a Girl Scout favorite for over 15 years. Tacos in a bag is always our Friday night dinner when camping!

  7. Awesome….my grandson doesn’t like lettuce or tomato in his so I add cheese, rice and beans, beans are not mashed and then more cheese on top

  8. I noticed it said cut the bag down the side, but that’s not how the picture looks.
    How are you suppose to do it?

  9. We cut the bag down the side instead of opening it at the top as it’s a bigger opening to eat from. In the picture, we cut the bag down the side as well. Thanks!

  10. Sounds fun and easy. I am not the chief cook; I’m just the bottle washer. But I’m going to tell her about these and see what she thinks.

  11. I love this, but it’s a bit too salty for me. Is there a bag chip that doesn’t have as much salt?

  12. Oh my goodness. This makes me miss when I played softball in the 70’s and 80’s. We did frito chili pie in the frito bags. We would cut the bag lengthwise instead at the top and we’d pour the chili in the fritos with cheese and walk around eating frito pie. So this is gonna be so much fun eating these. I can’t wait

  13. We make this in a big bowl and everyone at the family gathering gets to eat it! So delicious! Or we make these in a small bowl at home for onr! So yummy!

  14. 4 stars
    Great recipe! I love walking tacos. You can use a variety of dotitos, corn chips, sunchips to expland flavor options. We love tomatoes, onion lettuce, cheese and salsa on ours.

  15. This looks delicious! Thank you for a great easy no-mess dinner. I would use extra cheese, extra sour cream, a little lettuce, salsa or pico de Gallo as our toppings.

    I haven’t made this dish before, but I looked forward to adding it to my recipe lineup.
    Thank you,

  16. 5 stars
    This is one of our TOP money makers at our HS concession stands throughout the year! We LOVE us some Walkin’ Tacos!?

  17. When I was a kid here in Texas, Moms fixed this with Fritos for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS !
    Great way to eat outside watching football.

  18. 5 stars
    One of my go-to recipes for camping! Pre-make the meat and then just heat up over the stove or campfire!

  19. These would be great with sour cream, shredded lettuce and tomatoes. I’m thinking I could even put chips in a bowl and then let the kids take it in the care if we needed to.
    I’ve heard about these but never tried them. These would also be a good concession stand meal.

  20. 5 stars
    This is such a great and easy lunch or supper. I top it with pico de gallo, guacamole, onions, and grated cheese. If there is room I add some refried beans. Yum!

  21. 5 stars
    I’m giving this recipe 5 stars even though I haven’t made it yet but if it’s anything like the Walking Tacos with Fritos recipe I know it will be just as delicious or even better with the nacho cheese Doritos…Y-U-M!! Can’t wait to try it on our next game night or even Taco Tuesday.

  22. I have not tried walking tacos yet. But it looks like a great camping type recipe!! Will have to remember this the next time we RV–so !

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    Adults liked the Fritos. Kids liked the Doritos especially the cool ranch. Did a taco bar at our campsite so everyone could eat at anytime. Had crockpot going all day. I also made taco seasoning

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    I’m 73 years old and have never heard of this easy and quick idea. I will be making this for the grandchildren shortly. I’m sure they will love them. Thank you for sharing.

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    I love walking tacos!
    Especially with sour cream , shredded cheese, and salsa! They are great for all types of parties. My grandchildren love them also

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    I can’t wait to try this recipe. I have never and looks so easy. I need easy right now.

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    Loved this recipe. Wonderful you can change out ingredients. I add chopped avocado, raw onions and extra taco sauce(medium) YUMMY

  30. We have made these before and they taste wonderful! You can always cook chicken and add taco seasoning and shred it and use that too! I’m

  31. I would add all the ingredients that you suggested. I especially love to add lots and lots of different cheeses and extra avacados. Even though I had never tried this recipe before, I agree this would well for a party. Thanks SO much for the recipe.

  32. For the walking tacos, it gives you more room to mix up everything better if you cut the chips bag sideways !

  33. Absolutely love these because they are so easy and delicious!! I like black olives in mine of course!

  34. I absolutely love these, and Soo fun!!! I like to have Pico de Gallo, crunchy jalepaneos, green chillies, chopped olives, a mild, and a hot, hot sauce, lettuce, a few different cheese options, I also like giving the option of a ranch dip as well as sour cream. These are fun for the entire family… And Soo easy to clean up. ?

  35. I make walking tacos, we have toppings of lettuce, onion, tomatoes, black olives, guacamole, sour cream, cheese. Everyone can top their own however they love.

  36. Is a 1 oz individual bag of Doritos big enough? We’re having a fund raiser and I want to make sure they’re big enough.