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You are going to love this easy Instant pot bbq pork chops recipe. It is ready in less than 10 minutes and the BBQ sauce is amazing with the tender pork.

white plate with asparagus, rice and pork chop
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Instant Pot BBQ Pork Chops Recipe

The pork chops are literally fork tender. Everyone will think that this meal was slow cooked all day. The barbecue sauce has the best flavor and I could spoon it on everything!

This is the perfect weeknight meal when you are busy but need a great meal in minutes. Skip takeout and make this instead.

It seriously takes less time and costs less too. We think it tastes better than anything you can buy. This meal is a win all around. Check out more Instant Pot Pork Chops Recipes.

Let’s get started!

Make sure you have a good instant pot and you will be ready to go.

ingredients for recipe: seasonings, bbq sauce, pork chops


  • Pork chops
  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic Salt
  • Pepper
  • Barbecue Sauce
  • Water
  • Cornstarch

How to brown pork chops in the instant pot

It is really easy. Just place the pork chops in the pressure cooker with a tablespoon of oil. Use the sauté setting and brown the pork chops on both sides. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

You want to make sure all of the pork chops are browned. If you do not want to brown the pork chops, it is optional. However, I think they look prettier and taste better if you brown them first.

Once you have browned the pork chops, stop the saute setting by hitting cancel.

How to make pressure cooker bbq pork chops recipe:

Now that your pork chops have been browned, pour the BBQ sauce all over the pork. Also, add the water.

Next, add the lid and set to sealing. Use the manual button and set it for 5 to 10 minutes depending on how thick the pork chops are.

Once finished, you can do a natural release for 5 minutes and then do a quick release to remove the rest of the pressure.

It is that easy!

pork chops with rice and asparagus

Easy side dish Ideas

I’m a huge fan of mashed potatoes but the sauce is also really good on red potatoes too. Green beans are delicious too and I even pour some of the bbq sauce on them too!

It’s also good with grilled corn on the cob and a big pan of Sweet Honey Cornbread! Is it Dinner time yet because this is making me hungry?

You can even spoon the delicious BBQ sauce over the pork chops and over your veggies or even Instant pot Mashed potatoes when serving. I could literally eat it on everything!

Why are my instant pot pork chops tough?

Overcooking the pork chops will result in meat that is tough. Don’t cook them for longer than needed.

pork chops on rice with asparagus

More ideas to try:

  • You can use bone-in pork chops for this recipe. This recipe is also great for pork chops with the bone in. I would just increase the pressure to 10 minutes. Only 5 more minutes you will have delicious bone in pork chops cooked perfectly in the Instant pot.
  • Add veggies and make it a one pot meal. You can add in any veggies to this recipe and you don’t even have to increase the cooking time. I have thrown in frozen green beans, potatoes, and carrots in there and they all came out packed with flavor and perfectly soft. Now, I would put the pork chops on the bottom and then the veggies on top. I think some chopped red potatoes would be amazing with the delicious bbq!

I can’t wait for you to try this Instant Pot BBQ Pork Chops Recipe!

Try it and come back and leave a comment and let us know what you loved. The possibilities are endless for side dishes and ways to mix this up!

The instant pot takes the work out of so many recipes and comes together so quickly. When I first bought my instant pot, I wondered how tender the meat would be. I was  accustomed to using my slow cooker for everything.

I was pleasantly surprised at how tender and delicious everything turns out! Give it a try and I just know you will love it as much as we did.

pork chops on rice

Print your Instant Pot BBQ Pork Chops Recipe: 

Easy Instant Pot BBQ Pork Chops Recipe

4.89 from 26 votes
Everyone will love this Instant Pot BBQ Pork Chops Recipe! BBQ Boneless Pork Chops Recipe is incredibly simple. Try BBQ Pork Chops Pressure Cooker Recipe today!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 6
Cuisine American
Course Instant Pot, Main Course
Calories 321


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  • Turn the instant pot on the sauté setting and add the olive oil to the instant pot for a few minutes to heat up the olive oil.
  • Place the pork chops in the instant pot, season with the garlic salt and pepper. Brown the pork chops on each side (3-4 minutes). You may have to work in batches if all the pork chops do not fit at one time. I did 3 at a time and move the pork chops to a separate plate while browning the second batch.
  • Turn the instant pot off the sauté setting by hitting the cancel button. Add the pork chops, 1 cup of the water and barbecue sauce to the instant pot.
  • Place the lid on and make sure the valve is set to sealing position.
  • Push the manual button and cook on high pressure for 5-10 minutes depending on the thickness of your pork chops (if you have thin 1/4" pork chops cook for 5 minutes and thicker 1" pork chops cook for 10 minutes).
  • Allow the pressure to naturally release for 5 minutes and then do a quick release to remove the rest of the pressure.
  • Remove the pork chops from the instant pot. Switch the instant pot back to the sauté setting. Stir the cornstarch into the remaining water (¼ cup) and then whisk this cornstarch slurry into the instant pot. Heat for 3-5 minutes until the sauce has thickened.
  • Serve the pork chops topped with the sauce from the instant pot and enjoy!

Recipe Notes

Use your favorite type of barbecue sauce to change up the flavor of this easy pork chop recipe.  

Nutrition Facts

Calories 321kcal, Carbohydrates 22g, Protein 29g, Fat 12g, Saturated Fat 4g, Trans Fat 1g, Cholesterol 90mg, Sodium 944mg, Potassium 613mg, Fiber 1g, Sugar 16g, Vitamin A 113IU, Vitamin C 1mg, Calcium 28mg, Iron 1mg

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Everyone will love this Instant Pot BBQ Pork Chops Recipe! BBQ Boneless Pork Chops Recipe is incredibly simple. Try Barbecue Pork Chops Pressure Cooker Recipe today! This recipe is easy to make and delicious too! #eatingonadime #instantpotrecipes #porkrecipes #pressurecookerrecipes

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Recipe Rating


  1. Hillary says:

    5 stars
    This was easy, very fast, and so yummy- even for someone like me who doesn’t love BBQ sauce (but my family does). I was a little worried about cooking the meat in the liquid, but it was surprisingly not dry. We had very thin pork chops, so the 5 min cook time was perfect. Thank you! We’ll be making this again.

  2. Alicia Martin says:

    my favorite way to make pork chops now

  3. Carrie says:

    No, these are whole pork chops after the cooking time.

  4. Bernadette says:

    Can you pull these apart like pulled pork, after they are done cooking? I realize pulled pork usually uses a whole roast and is cooked longer.

  5. Carrie says:

    The water that is needed for this recipe for the instant pot to come to pressure will water down the sauce some as well. I recommend remove the pork chops after the cook time, then switch the instant pot to the sauté setting and cooking until the sauce thickens or you can mix in a cornstarch slurry (1/4 cup water with 2 tbsp of cornstarch) and this will thicken the sauce as well.

  6. Judi Dahlin says:

    Why did my sauce not thicken at all? It looks just like it did when I added but the chops were done.

  7. Carrie says:

    That might have been the problem or if you have thinner pork chops, they may have gotten over done. I would reduce the cook time next time and check on them after that. Thank you!

  8. Kayla says:

    I tried making these tonight. They were super tough. I used a different sauce, could that be the problem? Other than that they were good.

  9. Carrie says:

    I would keep the time the same. thanks! I hope you enjoy them

  10. Linda says:

    I’m using thick pork loin slices. How long should I cook?

  11. Carrie says:

    Yes, I would increase the cook time by 5 minutes if you are using frozen pork chops. Thank you!

  12. Connie says:

    can I will use more pork chops? I pound more without changing water or time?

  13. Heather says:

    Can you use frozen pork chops?

  14. Carrie says:

    Yum! Great ideas – thanks for sharing Alexandra!

  15. Alexandra says:

    5 stars
    I’ve used a similar recipe several times. It’s awesome!
    When I make potatoes with it, I peel and chop a couple of potatoes into bite sized pieces. Then I toss them with a drizzle of olive oil, a couple of pats of butter, some kosher salt and parsley. Then I make a little foil packet and put them in it. I place the trivet over the meat and sauce and put the potatoes on top. Perfect and they are all done together. Sometimes I’ll even add in a packet of frozen corn as well (I add in a pat of butter there) and it’s perfect!

  16. Carrie says:

    Julie – If you dice the potatoes up and add them in, I think that they would cook fine without adding more liquid or changing the cook time. Thank you and let us know how it turns out!

  17. Julie says:

    If I add about 2lbs of red potatoes to the BBQ Pork Chops should I add more water and cook longer. I’m new to the instant Pot. Thank You

  18. Linda says:

    5 stars