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Learn how to grill hot dogs for perfect hot dogs each and every time. Try these tips to get a delicious grilled hot dog everyone will love.

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How to grill hot dogs

My family loves hot dogs. They really do. We have a large family and this is such a quick dinner any night of the week!

If you are like me, and you are grilling hot dogs, you might like your hot dogs burnt. I meant, the burnt ones are the best right? Well, the rest of my family doesn’t agree.

The kids will turn their nose up at a burnt hot dog. I thought it would be fun to give you tips on how to grill hot dogs – perfectly every time. Give these tips a try for perfectly grilled hot dogs.

We also make Crock Pot Hot Dogs for a fast way to make hot dogs for parties and to feed a crowd. The slow cooker does all of the work and the hot dogs stay warm. It is so simple!

What to serve with grilled hot dogs?

This is the absolute best hot dog chili recipe and it is super easy. It is so good and much better than the canned stuff!

We also love this coleslaw recipe for the hot dogs. Yum!

Skip the store bought stuff and make your own chili and slaw. You can’t go wrong with these delicious toppings!

Check out The Best Side Dishes for Hot Dogs for more ideas.

Topping ideas

How to grill hot dogs:

1. Star with a quality hot dog.

Make sure you purchase a quality hot dog since they are the star of the show. It is easy to get a great hot dog and still stay on budget.

We like Ball Park’s Finest Hot dogs and other types of beef hot dots. If you like Southern style hot dogs, Jesse Jones is a good hot dog to grill.  Just use what your family enjoys.

If you are grilling hot dogs this weekend with the family make sure you run to and pick some up for you family.The cheaper hot dogs will put off more grease and will make flames in your grill which will result in burnt hot dogs.

Just keep that in mind.

2. Turn the heat down.

Hot dogs cook really fast, but if you want to have those pretty lines on them and not burnt to a crisp you need to turn the flame down to low. This will allow the hot dogs to cook evenly without burning the outside.

3. Roll Hot dogs on the grill –  don’t flip them

We used to flip hot dogs with tongs, but when you flip them you move them too much and then the “pretty lines” won’t appear. Instead, roll hot dogs. Just place the hot dogs on the grill over the grill plate lines.

Then after they have started cooking, use tongs to slightly push them. After a few more minutes, push them again, so all sides get cooked evenly. You should never lift the hot dogs until you are ready to pick them up and place them on the bun.

Basically you are doing what those fancy hot dog rollers do that you can buy here or you might see at your local gas station or concession stand. Instead of paying for a hot dog roller, you are just doing it yourself.

4. Use a hot dog grilling tools

You can actually purchase a hot dog roller for the grill. For just $15 you can have a fun contraption and never have to worry about it.

That way if you are cooking other foods (like our yummy grilled corn on the cob) you can tend to them and not have to worry about getting crispy hot dogs.

There is even a big selection of hot dog grilling baskets that you can use to grill delicious hot dogs. These are even cheaper, starting at just $6, but you will still have to keep a close eye on those dogs.

5. Heat up your buns on the grill.

There is nothing fun about having a delicious and perfectly grilled hot dog, only to put it on a cold bun. You don’t want to turn on your oven and heat up your kitchen just for some warm buns.

Instead cook them on the grill. Simply place the entire package of hot dog buns in a foil – making sure you cover them completely.

Right when your dog dogs are about done, place the buns (covered in foil) on the top rack.

Allow them to sit in the covered grill for about 3-5 minutes and they will be heated up perfectly for a delicious hot dog.

6. Don’t skimp on toppings.

From homemade ketchup to homemade hot dog relish, don’t skimp on the toppings. Our family loves a variety of condiments on their hot dogs and it is the perfect addition to perfectly grilled hot dogs.

And of course you have to have the best hot dog chili recipe and it is super easy.

Here are few fun and frugal ideas:

How long to grill hot dogs:

Hot dogs are super fast and only take a few minutes to cook. Normal size hot dogs only take about 5-7 minutes. If you are cooking larger size hot dogs, they will take up to 10 minutes.

The size of the hot dog and type of grill all play a factor in the time it will take for the hot dogs to cook.

Whether you use a charcoal or gas grill, your hot dogs are sure to turn out great!

More hot dog recipes

Try some of these easy side dish ideas:

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