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Here are kid friendly appetizers that your children will surely enjoy. We have 27 easy appetizers for kids that you can serve on any occasion. 

This assortment of 27 kid friendly appetizers will be a hit at your next get together.  Everyone will enjoy these easy appetizers for kids that you can serve on any occasion. #eatingonadime #kidfriendlyappetizers #appetizers
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Easy and Delicious Appetizers for Kids

When you’re hosting a children’s party or just hanging out with the kids, a delicious appetizer is always welcome. But, sometimes, kids are the ones who can be the picky eaters.

So, let’s explore these kid friendly appetizers that are delicious and easy to make. We have recipes for all kinds of snacks that even the pickiest of eaters will love.

This assortment of 27 kid friendly appetizers will be a hit at your next get together.  Everyone will enjoy these simple appetizers for kids that you can serve anytime. #eatingonadime #kidfriendlyappetizers #appetizers

1. Homemade Pretzel Bites

These homemade pretzel bites are everything you expect from a soft pretzel but in bite-size.

Homemade Pretzel Bites
These homemade, bite-sized pretzel snacks have a soft, buttery texture that is easy to make and is so good.
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2. Baked Apple Chips

This snack is dried in the oven and tastes like a regular apple, but healthier. This baked apple chips recipe sprinkles the apples with cinnamon and some sugar, making it a recipe kids will love.

This baked apple chips recipe is so easy to make and doesn't require a dehydrator! Baked apple chips make the perfect afternoon snack!
Baked Apple Chips
It is just a little bit of sugar for 2 whole apples, so they are definitely a nice alternative to sugary snacks or traditional chips making them a great healthy snacking option.
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3. No Bake Energy Bites

One of the easiest appetizer recipes out there, no bake energy bites. All you need to do is combine the recipes, shape them, and refrigerate them. Its ingredients are packed with protein and other nutrients to energize the kids.

No bake energy bites are packed with protein so you can feel good about eating this for breakfast or a quick snack on the go. Try this today!
No-Bake Energy Bites
This is an easy base recipe that you can adapt to your needs or what ingredients you have on hand.
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4. Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks

Kids and adults both love mozzarella sticks. This recipe uses an air fryer instead of deep fried sticks to make the cheese bites. It’s a quick finger food for parties, movie nights, Game Days, and other events.

Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks
The outside is crispy and golden brown while the inside is ooey gooey and just perfect.
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5. Frozen Yogurt Bites

This frozen yogurt bites recipe is so easy that even the kids themselves can make this. This recipe uses go-gurts spread into wax paper and then placed in the freezer.

Frozen Yogurt Bites
Learn how to make easy frozen yogurt bites for a tasty and healthy treat for the kids.
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6. Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies

Serve a plate of bacon wrapped little smokies during a kids’ party, and it will be a fan favorite. This is an easy recipe that only needs 3 ingredients and follows a simple cooking process.

Bacon-Wrapped Little Smokies
The best part is that you only need 3 simple ingredients and some plain toothpicks.
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7. Cucumber Bites

If you want the kids to eat vegetables, try cucumber bites. This recipe stuffs cucumbers with other vegetables, making a delicious and healthy appetizer.

Cucumber Bites
It would be a very easy appetizer recipe to make at your next gathering since it is beautifully colored and crazy easy!
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8. Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Bites

Bacon wrapped pineapple bites are sweet and savory appetizers for kids. It mixes the sweetness of pineapples and sugar and the savory of bacon. It’s an easy appetizer that you can serve to the kids in less than 20 minutes.

Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple Bites
If you love a sweet and savory appetizer, make Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Bites. They're loaded with flavor and only require 3 ingredients.
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9. Pigs in a Blanket

You can serve pigs in a blanket on any occasion and it’s quick to prepare. All you need are 2 common ingredients, and you can make a flaky and delicious hot dog in minutes.

Pigs in a Blanket
Learn how to make amazing pigs in a blanket with a flaky crust and delicious hot dog for a snack, appetizer, or quick dinner.
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10. Air Fryer Zucchini Chips

If your kids like salty snacks, these zucchini chips are for them. It’s a healthy salty snack packed with crispiness and flavor. Plus, this recipe is air-fried which reduces the oil and makes it crispier.

Air Fryer Zucchini Chips
If you have children that are picky about vegetables, this recipe is a must-try. The air fryer makes these golden brown and crispy.
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11. Mini Donut Muffins

These mini donut muffins taste as good as regular donuts but require significantly less work. They are donuts baked in the form of mini muffins, covered with sugar and cinnamon. It’s a good appetizer for kids who like light and fluffy snacks.

Mini Donut Muffins
Make these easy, old-fashioned Mini Donut Muffins that are light and fluffy, and covered with cinnamon and sugar. Yum!
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12. Fried Mac and Cheese Balls

Fried mac and cheese balls are every kid’s fantasy because who doesn’t like bite-sized mac and cheese? Make mac and cheese balls that are crispy on the outside, and cheesy and creamy on the inside.

Fried Mac and Cheese Balls
Crispy, cheesy, delicious, and easy to make, these Mac and Cheese Balls are sure to please a crowd.
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13. Ground Beef Oven Nachos

Kids go crazy over these ground beef oven nachos. It’s fully packed with all the flavor you expect from nachos. Kid friendly appetizers are easy and budget-friendly.

Ground Beef Oven Nachos
You can fix sheet pan nachos in minutes and everyone can enjoy their favorite toppings!
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14. Sausage Balls

Sausage balls are super easy to make and delicious too, that’s why they’re my favorite to serve during parties.

Sausage Balls
This super easy-to-make and delicious Sausage Balls Recipe is one of my favorite appetizers to cook for parties, holidays, and more.
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15. Caramel Apple Nachos

Try out this easy caramel apple nachos recipe for the kids. It’s made with layers of crispy apples, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, and chopped peanuts. You could also drizzle melted chocolate on top.

Caramel Apple Nachos
Layers of crispy apples topped with decadent caramel sauce, chocolate chips, and more come together for a delicious snack or dessert.
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16. Air Fryer Onion Rings

This air fryer onion rings recipe only takes 10 minutes or less to prepare. It’s crispy and delicious even though you can prepare it so quickly.

Air Fryer Onion Rings
Enjoy delicious, thick-cut, old-fashioned, crispy air fryer onion rings in 10 minutes or less.
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17. Copycat Disney Churro

Try making this copycat Disney churro for all the Disney fans out there. This recipe tastes just like the churros that you get in Disneyland.

Copycat Disney Churro
They are so easy to make and taste just like the ones you get at Disneyland.
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18. Banana Peanut Butter Roll Ups

The kids will fall in love with these banana peanut butter roll ups. It only needs 3 ingredients and is so easy to make. It’s a healthy snack that’s great after school to replenish the children’s spent energy.

You have to try this easy Banana Peanut Butter Roll ups for an easy after school snack. These 3 ingredient banana peanut butter rolls are always a favorite!
Banana Peanut Butter Roll Ups
These banana tortilla roll-ups make the perfect after-school snack and they only take 3 ingredients!
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19. Garlic Ranch Pretzels

These garlic ranch pretzels are perfect for afternoon snack sessions. It only needs 4 ingredients and takes only half an hour to prepare. You can even make your own seasoning for this recipe.

Garlic Ranch Pretzels
This quick and easy Garlic Ranch Pretzels Recipe is one of my favorites for tail gates and the holidays.
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20. Crescent Roll Veggie Pizza

Everyone will love this crescent roll veggie pizza recipe. It’s a healthy kid friendly appetizer with ranch and vegetables on top. It’s so delicious that even the pickiest of children will love this snack.

Crescent Roll Veggie Pizza
The blend of ranch and sour cream combine for the perfect dressing for the diced veggies on the pizza.
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21. Homemade Granola Bars

Make your own Granola bars at home which are a lot healthier than store-bought ones. It’s a nutty, chewy, sweet oat-flavored snack everyone loves.

Homemade Granola Bars
The nutty, chewy, sweet oat flavor bars are easy to make.
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22. Mini Pumpkin Pies

Children who love pumpkin pies will love this mini pumpkin pies recipe. This is the best appetizer you can serve during Halloween parties.

Mini Pumpkin Pies
The recipe could not be any simpler and it comes together so fast. It’s inexpensive to make and the presentation is just gorgeous.
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23. Mini Cinnamon Rolls

These mini cinnamon rolls are so fun and easy to make. It’s also super cheap because it uses canned biscuits instead of crescent bread.

Mini Cinnamon Rolls
They are fun to make, smell amazing when they’re baking and oh ya, they taste great!
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24. Summer Snack Charcuterie Board

Make your own summer snack charcuterie board for the perfect summer snacking. This recipe gives your recommendations, but it’s still all up to you. Customize the snacks based on your kids’ preferences and tastes.

Summer Snack Charcuterie Board
Use what you have and make this simple and delicious, savory, and sweet summer snack charcuterie board that's perfect for summer snacking.
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25. Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

These air fryer pizza rolls won’t ever disappoint you with soggy rolls. This easy recipe makes it impossible for you to fail and guarantees crispy and yummy pizza rolls every time.

Air Fryer Pizza Rolls
The air fryer is really a game changer as it helped me make these perfectly golden, deep-fried pizza rolls in just minutes without the oil.
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26. Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Oven baked sweet potato fries are a much healthier alternative than regular fries. It’s oven baked which reduces the oil and sweet potatoes are healthier than regular potatoes.

Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries
It is delicious, much healthier than traditional fries, and they are fun to make with the kids.
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27. Stuffed Cheesy Bread

These stuffed cheesy bread are easy and quick to make. You won’t have to make the bread from scratch because this recipe uses crescents. It removes the complicated process but still gives yummy results.

Stuffed Cheesy Bread
You only need 4 ingredients to make this recipe, and it’s easy to throw together!
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28. Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels

Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels
Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels are the perfect game day party appetizers. They are loaded with flavor and easy to make with simple ingredients.
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Try these kid friendly appetizers for a delicious treat the kids will love. If you want something sweet, try these fun cupcakes in a jar.

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