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25 of the best sides for tilapia that are easy to prepare. Great side dishes that everyone will enjoy with tilapia.

25 of the best sides for tilapia that are easy to prepare. Great side dishes that everyone will enjoy with tilapia. Tilapia is a great dinner option and takes minutes to prepare. We have the best side dishes that are also quick and easy. #eatingonadime #tilapiasidedishes #quickandeasysidedish
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Best sides for tilapia

Tilapia is a great dinner option and takes minutes to prepare. We have the best side dishes that are also quick and easy.

Dinner will be on the table in minutes for the best meal without much work. These ideas are perfect for busy weeknights when you don’t have much time. You can prepare these in less time than getting take out.

Try these recipes that will quickly become your favorite side dishes. Most of these are healthy side dish options that pair perfectly with tilapia.

25 of the best sides for tilapia that are easy to prepare. Great side dishes that everyone will enjoy with tilapia. Tilapia is a great dinner option and takes minutes to prepare. We have the best side dishes that are also quick and easy. #eatingonadime #tilapiasidedishes #quickandeasysidedish

What to serve with tilapia

Let’s get started with these delicious side dishes. Whether you are preparing grilled tilapia or oven roasted, these dishes for tilapia all sound great.

1. Instant Pot White Rice Recipe

The pressure cooker makes soft and fluffy white rice in minutes. You can even make extra to freeze for a quick side for tilapia later.

Instant pot White Rice Recipe
Instant pot white rice is so easy and a great way to make a large quantity of rice. We do this all the time to freeze, meal plan and more. It's so easy!
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2. Cilantro Lime Rice

The light flavor of lime and cilantro blends perfectly with rice for a great side with fish. It is healthy and delicious.

Cilantro Lime Rice
Try Cilantro lime rice recipe for an easy side dish. Cilantro lime rice is so quick to make. Everyone will enjoy Cilantro Lime Rice recipe.
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3. Pan Fried Zucchini Recipe

In less than 10 minutes, zucchini is easy to make and so flavorful. These pan fried veggies tastes amazing with white fish.

Pan Fried Zucchini recipe
This Pan Fried Zucchini recipe can literally be made in less than 10 minutes, maybe even less than 5 minutes.
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4. Roasted Red Potatoes

Crispy potatoes flavored to perfection pair nicely with fish. They are tender on the inside and covered in the best seasoning.

Roasted Red Potatoes
Oven roasted red potatoes make a tasty side dish with the perfect blend of seasonings. The potatoes are crispy while being so tender inside.
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5. Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Roasted vegetables are so easy to cook on a baking sheet. These brussel sprouts are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts Recipe
Try this delicious Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts Recipe for the perfect side dish. Everyone will love these tender and flavorful brussel sprouts in oven.
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6. Cauliflower Rice

Keep things low carb with this healthy fish and serve cauliflower rice. It is a tasty alternative and no one will miss the carbs.

Love rice but not the carbs? Try this easy Cauliflower rice recipe for a low carb alternative to rice that is easy and delicious!
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7. Air Fryer Broccoli

Serve broccoli prepared in the air fryer in minutes. The texture is crispy and has the best garlic flavor.

Air Fryer Broccoli
Try this recipe for air fryer broccoli in minutes. Each bite is crispy and tasty with amazing garlic flavor. 
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8. Air Fryer Cauliflower

Cauliflower in the air fryer is a game changer. It turns out with the perfect amount of crisp and tastes amazing.

Air Fryer Cauliflower
Air fryer cauliflower recipe is so delicious that even your non veggie loving kids will love this recipe. The air fryer makes it crispy and flavorful.  
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9. Oven Roasted Parmesan Asparagus

The parmesan cheese and lemon juice give this asparagus recipe a mild flavor everyone will love. You can also use lime juice and olive oil.

Oven Roasted Parmesan Asparagus
Try this Roasted Parmesan Asparagus. It is a delicious asparagus oven recipe. how do you cook asparagus. here is the best asparagus recipe
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10. Couscous Recipe

This Couscous is so tasty with parmesan and more. It is delicious served with fish for a light and healthy meal.

How to make Couscous Recipe
how to make couscous recipe – you have to try this easy parmesan couscous recipe for your next dinner. Your family will love couscous!
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11. How to Microwave Broccoli

Get this side dish on the table in about 3 minutes. The broccoli perfectly steamed and so healthy.

How to Microwave Broccoli
Learn How to Steam Broccoli in the Microwave in under 3 minutes. It just takes 3 minutes with no water to make the perfectly steamed broccoli.
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12. Garlic Lime Steamed Asparagus

The yummy blend of garlic and lime make this asparagus light and refreshing. It is simply amazing.

Garlic Lime Steamed Asparagus
This Garlic Lime Steamed Asparagus is the perfect side dish to any meal. From winter to summer, your family will love this easy asparagus recipe.
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13. Potatoes Au Gratin

From the tender potatoes to the creamy sauce, this recipe for Potatoes au Gratin does not disappoint. It is a great comfort food to serve for the best side.

Potatoes Au Gratin
You are going to love this easy, cheesy Potato Au Gratin side dish. Thinly slice potatoes are mixed in a creamy sauce and topped with cheese.
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14. Parmesan Pasta

Anyone can easily prepare this pasta with just 4 ingredients. It is super easy and always a hit with tilapia.

Easy Parmesan Pasta – Only 4 Ingredients!
Dinner is easy with this One pot parmesan pasta recipe. Serve this as the perfect side dish or add chicken or shrimp to make it a main meal.
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15. Cheesy Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Enjoy all the rich flavor in this keto friendly low carb side dish. Even the kiddos will enjoy this healthy side.

Easy Cheesy Cauliflower Rice Recipe
Looking for an easy keto side dish? You're going to love Easy Cheesy Cauliflower Rice. It is easy, cheesy and the best low carb side dish.
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16. Zucchini Noodles Recipe

These veggie noodles are surprisingly delicious. Zucchini makes a great side with little work but tons of flavor.

Zucchini Noodles Recipe
If you’re looking for a healthy but yummy side dish, try Zucchini Noodles Recipe. Not only is this a tasty option, it is so easy to make this zoodle recipe.
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17. Air Fryer Zucchini Chips

Enjoy a healthy side that is also perfect for snacking when you make these easy zucchini chips. The air fryer makes it quick and easy. Don’t forget the dipping sauce!

Air Fryer Zucchini Chips
Craving a crispy and salty snack? Try making Air fryer zucchini chips for a healthy snack idea that even the kids will enjoy. 
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18. Parmesan Roasted Zucchini

Roasted zucchini is so tender and slightly crispy on the outside. This recipe uses parmesan to flavor the veggie and it is so tasty with fish.

Parmesan Roasted Zucchini
This Parmesan Roasted Zucchini Recipe is easy to make and tastes great. Oven roasted zucchini with parmesan is the best side dish!
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19. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Recipe

These easy to make asparagus bundles look fancy but take very little time to make. The bacon holds it all together while adding to the flavor.

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Recipe
Easy bacon wrapped asparagus recipe. Asparagus wrapped in bacon is easy to make and tastes amazing with this easy recipe.
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20. Green Beans with Bacon

Jazz up plain green beans with bacon for an irresistible side dish. You only need a few ingredients and this comes together quick and easy.

Green Beans with Bacon
Make green beans with bacon for a savory and delicious side dish. With just a few ingredients, this recipe is simple but loaded with flavor.
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21. Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

If you are trying to reduce carbs, make this easy recipe for cauliflower mashed potatoes. It is a simple way to enjoy mashed potatoes without the carbs.

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes
Creamy, delicious Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes is an easy side dish. This low carb side is full of flavor with easy ingredients.
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22. Ranch Mashed Potatoes

Everyone loves ranch and these potatoes are a real show stopper. They are so creamy and make a great side dish.

Ranch Mashed Potatoes
These delicious Ranch Mashed Potatoes are perfect for any homemade meal! These potatoes are creamy and packed with tons of flavor.
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23. One Pot Macaroni and Cheese

The kids will be thrilled to enjoy mac and cheese during a weeknight meal. This recipe takes just 15 minutes and is great with tilapia.

One Pot Macaroni and Cheese
You can make this easy macaroni and cheese recipe in just 15 minutes. The kids love it and it tastes amazing!
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24. Bacon Brussel Sprouts

Bacon is a game changer with brussel sprouts. The combination is so delicious.

Bacon Brussel Sprouts
Bacon Brussel Sprouts is an easy side dish made with only a few ingredients. Take your brussel sprouts to the next level by adding bacon.
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25. Loaded Mashed Potatoes

This easy casserole style recipe is packed with creamy mashed potatoes. Everything is blended with bacon, cheese and sour cream for a comfort food style side.

Loaded Mashed Potatoes
Jazz up plain potatoes with these easy loaded mashed potatoes. Lots of bacon, cheese, sour cream and more make this a delicious side dish.
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Best side dishes for tilapia

These are the best sides and super easy. Which one do you plan to try first? We love all of these.

They are quick to prepare, inexpensive and always a hit. They taste amazing and make cooking dinner a breeze.

You will even have time to make an easy dessert thanks to these quick and easy sides.

Tilapia recipes to try

Lemon Pepper Grilled Tilapia Recipe
This Lemon Pepper Grilled Tilapia recipe tastes amazing and is so easy to make! You can have dinner ready in just 10 minutes!
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Air Fryer Tilapia
Air Fryer Tilapia Recipe is a healthy and delicious dinner option. It cooks in about 5 minutes for a quick meal any night of the week.
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The Best Blackened Tilapia Recipe
Looking for easy fish recipes? Try this quick and easy blackened tilapia recipe. It is amazing! In just 6 minutes dinner is done!
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Easy Parmesan Crusted Tilapia Rrecipe
You have to try this delicious parmesan crusted tilapia recipe. It is easy to make and tastes amazing! It is one of our favorite tilapia recipes.
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More what to serve with ideas:

25 of the best sides for tilapia that are easy to prepare. Great side dishes that everyone will enjoy with tilapia. Tilapia is a great dinner option and takes minutes to prepare. We have the best side dishes that are also quick and easy. #eatingonadime #tilapiasidedishes #quickandeasysidedish

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