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We have over 50 Thanksgiving leftover recipes you will be excited to try. You can create delicious meals with your thanksgiving leftovers. The entire family will enjoy these new ideas.

Easy Thanksgiving Leftover recipes. Here are over 50 easy recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers that your family will love. Don’t throw out your leftovers and make these delicious recipes instead.  Recipes for leftover ham, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce and more! #eatingonadime #thanksgivingleftovers #leftoverrecipes #thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

I look forward to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner all year long since I love cooking for my family.  However, eventually we get tired of eating turkey and cranberry sauce.

To solve this problem, I have collected over 50 Holiday Leftover Recipes so that you can create delicious meals with your leftovers days after Thanksgiving. These are ideas that the kids and adults will enjoy.

Everyone will think they are eating something entirely new. It is a win all around. Also see Make Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes.

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What to do with Thanksgiving leftovers?

Do you ever fall into the same trap of using all of your Thanksgiving left overs in the same old way? Well, this round up of easy Thanksgiving leftover ideas is just for you.

We have gathered tons of delicious recipes to help you think outside the box when it comes to serving up those Thanksgiving leftovers. From turkey tetrazzini, sweet potatoes to shepherd pie, there is something for everyone.

We have separated them all by category of the food that you might have in your refrigerator after the delicious turkey dinner. So, this year cook a little extra and enjoy these creative thanksgiving leftover recipes.

Leftover Mashed Potatoes Recipe

I love mashed potatoes and there are so many great options with leftover potatoes.  You can easily turn them into a different casserole or serve them deep fried for an entire different flavor.  Which one will you try this year? 

Mashed Potato Cakes

You can easily use leftover mashed potatoes to make potato cakes. This is a tasty side dish and you can add favorites such as cheese, green onion and more.

Mashed Potato Cakes Recipe
Have left over mashed potatoes? Make this easy mashed potato cakes recipe. Your family will love them and never know they were left overs. 
Mashed Potato Cakes Recipe

Turkey Pot Pie Recipe

Use leftover turkey and make an amazing turkey pot pie.

Easy Turkey Pot Pie Recipe
Easy Turkey Pot Pie is a classic recipe that is made with your leftover turkey. This easy, delicious and hearty pot pie is made with simple ingredients.
Easy Turkey Pot Pie Recipe

Leftover Turkey Pot pie with Stuffing Crust

Use leftover turkey and leftover stuffing to make this fun casserole.

Turkey Pot Pie with Stuffing Crust
Make Leftover Turkey Pot Pie with Stuffing Crust with all your holiday leftovers. It is a classic, comfort meal with tons of flavor.
Turkey Pot Pie with Stuffing Crust

Crock Pot Sheperd’s Pie

The crock pot makes it easy so you don’t have to really do anymore cooking. The topping is perfect for leftover mashed potatoes. It is a delicious way to make sure they don’t go to waste.

Crock pot Sheperd’s pie
You can enjoy Crock Pot Shepherd's Pie Recipe any day of the week thanks to the slow cooker. This tasty recipe is so easy in the crockpot.
Crock pot Sheperd’s pie

Instant Pot Twice Baked Potatoes Casserole

Jazz up mashed potatoes leftover from Thanksgiving with this twice baked casserole. You can skip the part of the recipe about making mashed potatoes and use these leftovers instead.

Instant Pot Twice Baked Potatoes Casserole Recipe
This Instant Pot Twice Baked Potatoes Casserole Recipe is amazing! It is one of our new favorite pressure cooker recipes because it saves so much time!
Instant Pot Twice Baked Potatoes Casserole Recipe

Twice Baked Potatoes

Make twice baked potatoes and have extra filling using leftover mashed potatoes. I love to pile the potatoes really high so this is perfect to use.

Twice Baked Potatoes
Twice Baked Potatoes are so simple and make the perfect side dish. If you can make mashed potatoes, you can easily make these quick twice baked potatoes.
Twice Baked Potatoes

Muffin Tin Mashed Potatoes

No one will guess they are eating leftovers when you make Muffin Tin Mashed Potatoes. These can be customized with mushrooms, onions and more.

Muffin Tin Mashed Potatoes are a fun and fancy way to dress up this comfort food! Turn your favorite side dish into a savory cupcake of potatoes, mushrooms, and onions.

See the Recipe

Cheesy Potato Croquettes

If you are looking for a delicious snack or appetizer, use leftover mashed potatoes to make these Cheesy potato croquettes. They are fried to perfection.

Cheesy Potato Croquettes
Turn leftover mashed potatoes into yummy Cheesy Potato Croquettes … these delicious treats make a great snack or appetizer.
Cheesy Potato Croquettes

Mashed Potato Waffles

Instead of traditional waffles, turn leftover mashed potatoes into savory waffles. These are delicious for snacking or as a side dish.

Mashed Potato, Cheddar and Chive Waffles
You can easily make waffles with mashed potatoes, cheese and chives. This mixture makes a light and fluffy waffle sure to impress.
Mashed Potato, Cheddar and Chive Waffles

Duchess Potatoes

While Duchess potatoes look fancy, it is so easy to turn leftover mashed potatoes into this side dish. In just a few east steps, you can serve these gorgeous potatoes.

Duchess Potatoes
Mashed potatoes are great, but when you make duchess potatoes, dinner gets elevated. Just a little extra effort makes a delicious and beautiful presentation.
Duchess Potatoes

Mashed Potato Soup

You will not believe how easy it is to turn leftover mashed potatoes into soup. It is the best comfort food.

Mashed Potato Soup is a great way to use up leftover mashed potatoes. This quick cooking soup comes together in 30 minutes with just 6 ingredients. Even better, your family will never know they are eating the leftover mashed potatoes.
See the Recipe

Mashed Potato Balls

These Mashed Potato balls with bacon and cheese sound like the best thing ever. They are baked and filled with leftover mashed potatoes, cheese, green onion and more.

Mashed Potato Balls
Mashed Potato Balls are a delicious way to use up leftover potatoes from a holiday meal. Rolled in crispy bacon bits on the outside; hot and creamy with potatoes, green onion, and cheese on the inside, this recipe is a little bit of savory heaven!
Mashed Potato Balls

Corn and Mashed Potato Fritters

Fritters are so delicious. The combination of leftover mashed potatoes and corn make a really hearty recipe.

Corn and Cheddar Mashed Potato Fritters
Utilize leftover corn and mashed potatoes to create a new tasty side dish with these Corn & Cheddar Mashed Potato Fritters.

Corn and Cheddar Mashed Potato Fritters

Leftover Ham recipes

There is not much better than leftover ham.  Make sure you make a little extra this Thanksgiving, so you can enjoy some of these great recipes for leftover ham.  

Ham and Bean Soup Crock Pot Recipe

Leftover ham makes a flavorful soup and it’s so easy in the slow cooker.

Ham and Bean Soup Crock pot recipe
Try this hearty ham and bean soup crock pot recipe. Slow Cooker ham and bean soup is quick and easy. Crock pot ham and beans will be a hit with the family!
Ham and Bean Soup Crock pot recipe

Hawaiian Ham and Cheese Sliders

My family loves sliders and leftover ham is a great way to make this recipe. It makes a great lunch or dinner.

Hawaiian Ham and Cheese Sliders
This hawaiian ham and cheese sliders recipe are easy to make. They are the best Hot Ham and cheese sliders! Easy ham sliders recipe.
Hawaiian Ham and Cheese Sliders

Ham and Potato Soup Crock Pot Recipe

Creamy potato soup is even better with leftover ham. It is a great way to stretch meat and perfect for leftovers.

Ham and Potato Soup Crock Pot Recipe
Try Ham and Potato Soup Crock Pot Recipe for an easy and tasty meal. Slow Cooker Ham and Potato soup recipe is the best comfort food sure to impress!
Ham and Potato Soup Crock Pot Recipe

Leftover Ham Casserole

Use leftover Thanksgiving ham to make this delicious casserole loaded with noodles and cheese.

Leftover Ham Casserole
If you have holiday ham leftover make this Leftover Ham Casserole. It is loaded with noodles, ham, cheese and simple seasoning.
Leftover Ham Casserole

Ham and Bean Soup Instant Pot Recipe

Make this hearty bean soup in the pressure cooker. It is even more filling when you add leftover ham and so easy too.

Ham and Bean Soup Instant Pot Recipe
You will love how simple this delicious Instant Pot ham and bean soup recipe is! It’s hearty and filling. Perfect for a cold day! Give this a try.
Ham and Bean Soup Instant Pot Recipe

Ham Salad

We love having leftover ham for this Ham Salad.

Ham Salad
What to do with those last little bits of ham leftovers? Make Ham Salad, of course! And then enjoy it as a yummy sandwich filling or as a topping on crackers. Either way, it’s delicious.
Ham Salad

Cheesy Ham and Egg Sandwiches

Leftover ham is perfect to use for brunch or breakfast. These egg sandwiches have a little bit of ham mixed in for a great meal.

Cheesy Ham and Egg Sandwiches
This Cheesy Ham and Egg Sandwiches Recipe is made with filling that can be kept in the refrigerator for a quick go-to meal – – or use as a party appetizer!

Cheesy Ham and Egg Sandwiches

Ham and Potato Hash

Make an easy potato hash with leftover ham. It goes great with eggs.

Ham and Potato Hash
Ham and potato hash, a perfect side dish for fried eggs. Easy to cook, and a great way to use up leftover ham.
Ham and Potato Hash

Baked Ham and Swiss Sliders

Easy ham and cheese sliders are perfect to use the last of the ham. It is a simple way to use leftover ham and really delicious.

Ham and Cheese Sliders
These delicious baked Ham and Cheese Sliders start with deli ham and your favorite sliced cheese layered inside sweet Hawaiian rolls and brushed with a buttery Dijon mustard sauce. They make a fantastic crowd-pleasing appetizer or easy dinner idea!

Ham and Cheese Sliders

Broccoli, Ham and Cheese Baked Potato

Chop leftover ham and use it for a hearty topping on a baked potato. It sounds delicious with cheese and broccoli.

Broccoli Ham and Cheese Baked Potato
Broccoli, Ham & Cheese Baked Potato with a homemade cheese sauce that will take your traditional baked potato to the next level!
Broccoli Ham and Cheese Baked Potato

Leftover Hambone Soup

Save the hambone and turn it into a really flavorful soup. Leftover diced ham, veggies and more combine for a great recipe.

Leftover Hambone Soup
You can use up your leftover hambone to make this cozy, hearty soup loaded with tons of veggies and chunks of sweet ham!

Leftover Hambone Soup

Ham and Cheese Bowties

Whip up a quick pasta dish using leftover ham. It is the best comfort food and no one will know it is leftovers.

Cheesy Ham Casserole with Bow Tie Pasta
Cheesy Ham Bow Tie Pasta is a quick and easy ham casserole perfect for dinner! Cheesy casserole recipe with noodles and ham. It’s perfect for when you have leftover ham. The creamy cheese sauce that smothers the pasta and ham is amazing!

Cheesy Ham Casserole with Bow Tie Pasta

Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

Turn the classic Chicken Cordon Bleu dish into an easy casserole. It is so simple to make with bits of leftover ham.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
If you like Chicken Cordon Bleu, you’ll love this casserole. It’s uses ham lunch meat and won’t break the bank to make. It feeds a lot so you can count on leftovers for lunch the next day.
Chicken Cordon Bleu

Navy Bean Soup

Stretch your leftover ham into another meal with this easy Navy Bean soup.

Navy Bean Soup
Leftover ham is perfect paired with navy beans in this delicious soup.
Navy Bean Soup

Cheesy Ham and Potato Bacon Casserole

Leftover ham won’t go to waste with this simple to make casserole recipe. It is loaded with cheese, ham and potatoes.

Cheesy Ham and Potato Bacon Casserole
Wondering what to make with leftover ham? This cheesy potato ham casserole is a long-time favorite that I cannot wait to pass down to your family.

Cheesy Ham and Potato Bacon Casserole

Ham and Potato Chowder

If you need a gluten free option, make this ham and potato chowder using leftover ham. Everyone loves a warm bowl of soup.

Ham and Potato Chowder (Gluten Free)
There is not much better on a cold fall or winter day than a bowl of hot gluten-free soup. One of my family’s favorite soups is this gluten-free ham chowder that combines chunks of ham, potatoes, corn and lots of cheese to make a creamy, hearty soup.

Ham and Potato Chowder (Gluten Free)

Scalloped Potatoes and Ham Recipe

Serve this as a side dish or a main dish using leftover ham. Scalloped potatoes are even better with ham mixed in.

Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
If you are in need of a side dish that’s practically guaranteed to be loved by everyone at your dining table, look no further! This scalloped potatoes and ham recipe is greeted with actual cheers from my family every time I pull it out of the oven. It’s that good!

Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

Easy Ham and Potato Crock Pot Soup

This simple soup is easy to throw together. The leftover ham makes the potato soup hearty and delicious.

Ham and Potato Soup is a cool weather staple around here and it’s easy to make in the crock pot and perfect for any leftover baked ham! A simple and delicious soup loaded with potatoes, sweet carrots and tender ham cooks in the slow cooker all day so dinner is ready when you are.

See the Recipe

Leftover Green Beans:

Don’t toss those leftover green beans. We have lots of delicious ideas to try.

Green Bean Casserole Cups

Turn plain leftover green beans into mini casserole cups.

Green Bean Casserole Cups
Put a twist on the famous Green Bean Casserole and make individual Green Bean Casserole Cups.
Green Bean Casserole Cups

Arkansas Green Beans

Everyone loves bacon and they are delicious with leftover green beans. They have a tasty brown sugar sauce.

Arkansas Green Beans
This is a side dish that is worthy of being called comfort food. The brown sugar-butter-soy sauce mixture that you pour over the beans is what gives this dish such a great flavor. Give these Arkansas Green Beans a try and see what you think!
Arkansas Green Beans

Turkey Pot Pie

You only need a few leftover green beans to use for this pot pie recipe. Don’t toss them and use the veggie for another meal idea.

Turkey Pot Pie
Are you looking for something to do with the leftovers from from Thanksgiving ? Don’t get rid of it, make this delicious Turkey Pot Pie.
Turkey Pot Pie

Green Bean Potato Casserole

Leftover green beans combine with potatoes and cheese for a tasty side dish. It is a great recipe to turn green beans into something new and fabulous.

Green Potato Casserole
Looking for a way to use up leftover green beans? Try this Green Bean Potato Casserole. It’s an easy side dish full of bacon and cheese so it’s a crowd pleaser!

Green Potato Casserole

Oven Roasted Parmesan Green Beans

With a little Parmesan cheese and seasoning, leftover green beans get turned into a new dish.

Oven Roasted Green Beans
These oven roasted Parmesan green beans are so good, your kids will be asking for seconds!
Oven Roasted Green Beans

Roasted Green Beans with Mushrooms

Toss in mushrooms and seasonings with leftover green beans for an amazing side dish.

Roasted Green BEans with Mushrooms
Roasted Green Beans with Mushrooms, Balsamic, and Parmesan are delicious and roasting brings out amazing flavor in green beans and mushrooms!

Roasted Green BEans with Mushrooms

Garlic Lemon Green Beans

Just a splash of lemon and garlic can transform leftover green beans. It is a light and flavor packed dish.

Lemon Garlic Green Beans Recipe
Tasty Lemon Garlic Green Beans are a light and delicious side dish to compliment just about any meal or make a batch for a healthy and crunchy snack.

Lemon Garlic Green Beans Recipe

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Take leftover green beans and wrap them in green beans. It is a tasty combination.

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans
Make easy bacon wrapped green beans for a delicious side dish. The green beans are topped with brown sugar and bacon for the best flavor.
Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Crockpot Italian Pork Chop Dinner

This one pot dish is even easier when you use leftover green beans. Your family will be impressed.

Crockpot Italian Pork Chop Dinner
One pot meals are such a time saver around here and this Crock Pot Pork Chop Dinner does not disappoint. Enjoy tender pork, green beans and tomatoes!
Crockpot Italian Pork Chop Dinner

Crock Pot Vegetable Soup

Toss leftover green beans into the slow cooker to make veggie soup.

Crock Pot Vegetable Soup
With little effort, your family can enjoy Slow Cooker Vegetable Soup Recipe. Toss everything into the crockpot for a hearty soup that is packed with flavor.
Crock Pot Vegetable Soup

Leftover stuffing recipes

Stuffing has so much potential for leftovers. The ideas are endless.

Turkey and Stuffing Sliders

Just add a little bit of leftover stuffing and turkey to make sliders. This is so easy and always a hit.

Turkey and Stuffing Sliders
Whip up a plate of our absolute favorite little Turkey and Stuffing Sliders. Oh, these little sandwiches are just the perfect holiday late-night snack.
Turkey and Stuffing Sliders

Sushi Inspired Thanksgiving Turkey Rolls

This fun dish uses rolled up turkey with leftover stuffing inside.

Sushi Inspired Thanksgiving Turkey Rolls
Turn Thanksgiving leftovers into Asian inspired sushi.
Sushi Inspired Thanksgiving Turkey Rolls

Mashed Potato and Stuffing Patties

Combine leftover mashed potatoes and stuffing to make delicious patties.

Mashed Potato and Stuffing Patties
There will be plenty of other leftovers too – mashed potatoes, stuffing and more. These Mashed Potato and Stuffing Patties are the perfect recipe to use up those leftovers.
Mashed Potato and Stuffing Patties

Slow Cooker Turkey and Stuffing Dumpling Soup

Your family can enjoy leftover stuffing in delicious soup. It makes the best dumplings.

Slow Cooker Turkey and Stuffing Dumpling Soup
An easy slow cooker soup recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers. Enjoy turkey and stuffing together in one flavorful bowl of soup.
Slow Cooker Turkey and Stuffing Dumpling Soup

Stuffing Waffle

Turn leftover stuffing into a delicious waffle. You can make a waffle sandwich with your favorite leftovers.

Stuffing Waffle
This stuffing waffle grilled cheese is allllll about the leftovers! Pack leftover stuffing mix into a waffle iron and press until golden brown. Once the waffles are ready, it gets stuffed with muenster cheese, cranberry jam and mashed potatoes and grilled until golden perfection!
Stuffing Waffle

Roasted Butternut Squash with Turkey stuffing

Scoop out a butternut squash and fill it with leftover stuffing for another great meal.

Roasted Butternut Squash with Turkey Stuffing
If you like butternut squash, use it to hold leftover stuffing for a great dish.
Roasted Butternut Squash with Turkey Stuffing

Leftover cranberry sauce recipes:

Cranberry sauce is very versatile. From appetizer recipes to main dishes, there are plenty of ideas.

Crock Pot Grape Jelly Meatballs

These delicious meatballs can be made using cranberry sauce instead of the grape jelly.

Crock Pot Grape Jelly Meatballs
Make these delicious Crock Pot Grape Jelly Meatballs with only 3 ingredients! They are savory and sweet and amazing for game day, parties and much more.
Crock Pot Grape Jelly Meatballs

Cranberry Orange Crock Pot Pork Tenderloin

Don’t throw away leftover cranberry sauce. It tastes fabulous with pork tenderloin.

Cranberry Pork Tenderloin
Looking for an easy and delicious recipe? You have to try this easy Cranberry Pork Tenderloin Recipe! It is packed with flavor!
Cranberry Pork Tenderloin

Cranberry Orange Bread

Use that leftover cranberry sauce to make Cranberry Orange bread. It is moist and delicious.

Cranberry Orange Bread
Cranberry orange bread recipe is a tangy and sweet quick bread that can be made with little effort. Your kitchen will smell amazing.
Cranberry Orange Bread

Smoked Turkey Cranberry Orange Sandwich

Make cute tea sandwiches using leftover cranberry sauce.

Smoked Turkey Cranberry Sandwiches
Smoked Turkey Cranberry-Orange Sandwiches are the perfect finger food and so festive for the holidays. I love the combination of turkey, cranberry and orange in one! If you are hosting a holiday tea or brunch Smoked Turkey Cranberry-Orange Sandwiches are certain to be a huge hit on your menu plan.
Smoked Turkey Cranberry Sandwiches

Turkey Quesadillas with Chipotle Cranberry Sauce

Quesadillas are so fun to make and eat. Leftover cranberry sauce makes these even better.

Turkey Quesadillas with Chipotle Cranberry Sauce
Tortillas are an awesome vehicle for leftovers. A little turkey, leftover cranberry sauce, and any cheese in the drawer makes an easy dinner.
Turkey Quesadillas with Chipotle Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Bread Pudding

Take bread pudding up a level with leftover cranberry sauce. It is so easy.

Cranberry Bread Pudding
This Cranberry Bread Pudding with Honey Whiskey Maple Sauce would make an amazing holiday breakfast or even a dessert, if served with a scoop of ice cream. Made with fresh cranberries that were first cooked with brown sugar and topped with an easy honey whiskey maple sauce.
Cranberry Bread Pudding

Coconut Cake

This layer cake has a surprise in the middle. Use leftover cranberry sauce in between the layers for delicious flavor.

Coconut Cake
If you are looking for something different to share with family and friends this Holiday season, give this cake a go.
Coconut Cake

Cream Cheese Cranberry Dip

This recipe is perfect for using leftover cranberry sauce. Layers of cream cheese and cranberries make the best dip for snacking.

Cream Cheese Cranberry Dip
The perfect party appetizer for the holidays is this easy Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip! It has a layer of cream cheese then cranberries. The topping is chopped green onion and cilantro. It’s quick and easy plus the tart cranberries and the sweet cream cheese is the perfect combination.

Cream Cheese Cranberry Dip

Leftover turkey recipes

Shredded turkey has the most options to serve as leftovers for your family.   You can easily prepare a turkey salad with blue cheese or a turkey sandwich for a quick and delicious meal for your family.  Which one of these leftover turkeys recipes will you try first? 

Turkey Sandwich Crescent Roll Recipe

Everyone loves crescent rolls. Use leftover turkey to stuff crescents with for a great meal.

Turkey sandwich crescent roll recipe makes a great lunch. Everyone will love the crescent rolls and you can use leftover turkey or deli meat.
Turkey Sandwich Crescent Roll recipe
Try this Turkey Sandwich Crescent Roll recipe next time for lunch. The kids love it. Or make this Turkey Sandwich Crescent Roll recipe for a quick appetizer
Turkey Sandwich Crescent Roll recipe

Hawaiian Turkey and Cheese Sliders

Sliders are even easier using leftover turkey. Add cheese and you are set.

These quick and easy Hawaiian turkey and cheese sliders are the best for feeding a crowd! Hawaiian roll turkey sliders are our go to recipe for party food!
Hawaiian Turkey and Cheese Sliders
These quick and easy turkey sliders are the best for feeding a crowd. This Hawaiian Turkey and cheese sliders recipe is our go to recipe for party food.
Hawaiian Turkey and Cheese Sliders

Crock Pot Turkey Lasagna

Instead of ground turkey, use leftover turkey to make this tasty lasagna.

Crock Pot Ground Turkey Lasagna Recipe
Make lasagna the easy way when you make this amazing Crock Pot Ground Turkey Lasagna Recipe. The crockpot does all the work so you can enjoy a tasty dinner.
Crock Pot Ground Turkey Lasagna Recipe

Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings

You can use leftover turkey in this recipe for a great comfort food meal.

Crock pot Chicken and Dumplings Recipe
This easy crock pot chicken and dumplings recipe is delicious! It is the best chicken and dumplings with biscuits that you can make. The best comfort food!
Crock pot Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

20 Minute Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Homemade soup is always better. Use the last of the Thanksgiving turkey to make this soup in 20 minutes.

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
This easy homemade chicken noodle soup recipe can be made in 20 minutes when you are wanting a soup but without all the extra work. I think your family will love it.
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Casserole Recipe

You can easily use leftover turkey instead of chicken in this casserole. It is perfect to feed a crowd.

Chicken noodle casserole recipe
Chicken noodle casserole recipe is easy and the best comfort food. Creamy chicken and noodles with cheese make this a casserole everyone will go crazy over.
Chicken noodle casserole recipe

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

Crescents make this so flaky and tasty. Just use leftover turkey instead of chicken to prepare this amazing casserole.

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole Recipe
Chicken Pot Pie Casserole Recipe is one of those meals that everyone will love. It is easy to make and so amazing with the crescents and chicken mixture.
Chicken Pot Pie Casserole Recipe

Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie

The slow cooker does all of the work and this recipe is even easier with leftover turkey.

Close up image of chicken pot pie in a bowl
Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie
The Best Crock pot Chicken Pot Pie Recipe. You are going to love this easy chicken pot pie recipe. It is our favorite crock pot recipe!
Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie

Crockpot White Chicken Chili

This meal is less than $5 and even cheaper made with leftover turkey.

Crockpot White Chicken Chili Recipe
Crockpot White Chicken Chili is a family favorite around here and so easy to prepare. You can make this meal for under $5 making this a frugal meal idea.
Crockpot White Chicken Chili Recipe

Crockpot Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Just add leftover turkey instead of chicken to this hearty vegetable soup.

Crockpot Chicken and Vegetable Soup
Easy Crock pot Chicken Vegetable Soup recipe is packed with flavor. Only a few ingredients to make so try crock pot chicken and vegetable soup today!
Crockpot Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Spicy Creamy Chicken

No one will notice that you replaced the chicken with leftover roasted turkey in this creamy pasta dish.

Spicy Creamy Chicken
Spicy creamy chicken pasta recipe is a one pot meal that makes dinner time easy! This Creamy Chicken pasta is packed with so much flavor. The cream cheese and chicken combine to make an amazing dish.You will love Creamy chicken pasta recipes! Try this Creamy chicken and pasta today!
Spicy Creamy Chicken

Creamy Turkey Soup

This soup is creamy and flavorful in each bite. It is an easy way to use leftovers and keep your family happy.

Creamy Turkey Soup
Use up those turkey leftovers and make this fabulous creamy turkey soup recipe! Loaded with vegetables, turkey, and egg noodles, this soup makes a perfect dinner on a chilly day. This turkey soup recipe is extremely easy to make; it is basically a toss the ingredients into the pot recipe you will not want to miss!

Creamy Turkey Soup

Turkey Enchiladas

Mexican night is even better with quick and easy enchiladas. Shred leftover turkey and turn it into enchiladas.

Turkey Enchiladas
When we say loaded, we mean generously stuffed turkey and cheese enchiladas snuggly arranged in a casserole dish, then lavishly scattered with a scrumptious combination of corn, black beans, and more cheese.
Turkey Enchiladas

Check out our full list of leftover turkey recipes for even more easy and delicious ideas.

What to do with Leftover Rolls?

Keep you leftover rolls as they can be used as a second meal.

Easy Burger Sliders

Leftover rolls are the perfect size to turn into sliders for burgers.

Easy Burger Sliders
Try this easy burger sliders recipe that you can make in 15 minutes. With the help of Ball Park you will love this burger sliders recipe and have your dinner ready in no time.
Easy Burger Sliders

Balsamic Chicken Caprese Sliders

This is a delicious way to use rolls that are leftover from Thanksgiving. You can just follow the recipe but substitute turkey for the chicken.

Balsamic Chicken Caprese Sliders
Sweet and tangy and easy to make, this recipe for Balsamic Chicken Caprese Sliders will steal the show. Tthe crockpot does all the work.
Balsamic Chicken Caprese Sliders

Hawaiian Roll Pizza Sliders Recipe

Get your pizza fix and use leftover rolls at the same time.

Hawaiian Roll Pizza Sliders Recipe
Looking for an easy sliders recipe for game day? Try this fun Hawaiian roll pizza sliders recipe today! It is a fun twist on a pizza without all the work!
Hawaiian Roll Pizza Sliders Recipe

Homemade Croutons

Leftover rolls make really tasty croutons to enjoy with salad or soup.

Homemade croutons
Homemade croutons are much easier to make than you think. Try this homemade croutons recipe today.
Homemade croutons


Simply freeze leftover rolls to use later for future dinners. They can also be toasted and used for garlic bread.

How to Freeze Bread
Learn how to freeze bread and save time and money. Find out the best way to freeze rolls, loaves, slices and more! 
How to Freeze Bread

How long does leftover turkey last?

Leftover turkey is generally good for 3 to 4 days when stored in the refrigerator.

You can freeze it as well and it will last for 3 to 4 months.  I love freezing it and then defrosting some when I’m ready to make a recipe for leftover turkey meat. 

It’s so convenient and saves a ton of time in the kitchen too. Just make sure to freeze the turkey inside an airtight freezer container or bag.

Try these Leftover Thanksgiving Recipes.

Which Thanksgiving leftover recipes have peaked your interest? I think the ones with cranberry sauce sound very interesting, so I might start there first.

Also, I know that I’ll be trying some of these leftover turkey breast recipes as we always have tons of leftover turkey in my house.

Come back and share your favorite Thanksgiving leftover recipes with us. We’d love to try those out as well.

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    I made the Leftover Turkey Pot Pie with Stuffing Crust. I used homemade dressing that I had already baked as the crust on top. It turned out deliciously!

  11. Denise Mazour says:

    Love all the ideas for leftovers, we like the ham and cheese sliders!!

  12. Nancy R Goodart says:

    These Thanksgiving leftover recipes sound good. I especially liked the Ham & Potato Soup Crockpot Recipe. I’m definitely putting it on my list to make sometime.

  13. Terri bates says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for all the recipes for leftover Thanksgiving food. So many that I want to try. I’m making a Dorito Chicken casserole tonight using turkey in place of chicken. Hope it turns out.

  14. Mary Oyler says:

    This saved me this Thanksgiving. Thank you!

  15. Christian Whitbey says:

    These look great, can’t wait to try aome

  16. Joan Anderson says:

    I follow the recipe for Bisquik Rolled Rolls. Just follow that recipe and roll into a large rectangle about 1/2″ or less thick. Brush on melted butter, add chopped leftover turkey. Top with leftover dressing, salt and pepper. Roll up jelly-roll style. Cut into 2″ rounds. Place on cookie sheet and bake until crust is golden brown. Serve with heated leftover gravy. Yum!

  17. Shanna McDowell says:

    Love Turkey and ham sandwiches!

  18. Shanna McDowell says:

    Love having leftovers!

  19. Shanna McDowell says:

    So good!

  20. Shanna McDowell says:

    Who doesn’t like having a holiday meal all over again?

  21. Shanna McDowell says:

    Love having left overs, it’s like having the holiday meal all over again!

  22. Shanna McDowell says:

    Love having left overs, so many things you can make with them!

  23. Sheree Touchette says:

    It really have much leftovers.

  24. Melinda says:

    We like turkey sandwiches, turkey salad, turkey and waffles with gravy, and turkey noodle soup.

  25. Kisha Crose says:

    My favorite leftover from the holidays is smoked turkey salad sandwiches

  26. Susan Spaid says:

    I tried the mashed potatoes waffles- they were good. I thought this was a great email and I saved it. Never know what to do with left overs. Now I do!

  27. Diane says:

    I use leftovers for casserole , soup, sandwiches.

  28. Jen Chambers says:

    My favorite ways to make leftovers with thanksgiving items are: mashed potato cakes & turkey pot pie!

  29. Meaghan Porritt says:

    I can’t wait to try some of these! Personally, my favorite is turkey sandwiches and potato chips.

  30. Bette says:

    Love leftovers. Bunch put in freezer.

  31. Jeannie Buhler says:

    I love turkey sandwiches

  32. Kristal Garcia says:

    I always use left over Turkey to make Turkey Salad (instead of using Chicken) and Turkey pot pie. Or open face Turkey sandwiches with mash potatoes and gravy. Ham is always use to make Navy Bean and Ham Soup, fry pieces of Ham to eat with Breakfast or we have Ham and Cheese sliders. Also I freeze a few pieces of Ham to use when I make a pot of Beans.

  33. Susan says:

    The potato fritters fried with cheese is very good. I like to make turkey salad with the left over turkey but this year I’m going to try the pot pie.

  34. Katrina says:

    We usually have ham at Thanksgiving. I use the leftovers for split pea soup, pasta ham and cheese salad, corn chowder or sandwiches. When we have turkey…our favourites are chow mein, turkey vegetable noodle soup, sandwiches or shepherds pie.

  35. Casey says:

    So many great ideas! I think we’ll try the Turkey pot pie and use the leftover rolls for slider burgers.

  36. Susan says:

    Great ideas! Can hardly wait to try them!

  37. Carla says:

    I like to spread leftover dressing and turkey in a dish, top with the remaining mashed potatoes, add a drained leftover green vegetable and top with gravy, cover and heat till bubbly around edges. Leftover sweet potatoes are always a pie or bread ingredient.

  38. Deb says:

    I like using the leftover turkey for sandwiches, soup, on bread with gravy and in turkey hashbrown casserole.
    Thank you for all the recipe ideas!

  39. Ruth A Mendenhall says:

    I usually make a turkey pot pie or turkey and egg noodles with leftover turkey. It is really good to make turkey salad sandwiches too.

  40. Jeanette Martinez says:

    My favorite with leftovers is Turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce
    Fried potato balls

  41. Craig says:

    My favorite way to use leftover turkey is to make turkey soup. My second favorite way is to make turkey tetrazzini.

  42. Jackie Pittman says:

    So many great ideas. Can’t wait to try a few. We do like the ham salad and occasionally have made a turkey salad as well.

  43. Maria says:

    The slider’s are great

  44. Laura B. says:

    All of these great ideas make me regret that I didn’t host Thanksgiving this year. No leftovers at my house!

  45. Meredith says:

    These are some great ideas! I especially want to try the ham and bean soup! I’m a soup lover!

  46. Brenda Perez says:

    There’s usually not enough leftovers to do anything special but I do like a Turkey sandwich on a Hawaiian roll with green onions.. love all the recipes you guys posted…

  47. Sharia Sewell says:

    Pot pies are my favorite for left overs!

  48. Roxanne says:

    Wow !! I can’t believe how many meals you could make from leftover turkey. I love to have just a cold turkey sandwich…my husband likes turkey and noodles.

  49. Barbara Long says:

    We have Thanksgiving with friends who live 4 hours away. They want let me bring anything and I want ask for leftovers. They didn’t know I wasn’t a chef (LOL) . I might have brought something good.

  50. Jalyn Barber says:

    Now why didn’t I think of these. Now I have dinner planned for 2 days. So quick and easy. Thank you. It won’t let me leave and stars so here are my stars ?
    Definitely a 5 star review!!

  51. Anne Pelchat says:

    I made your Turkey Quesadillas and everyone enjoyed them! Thank you!

  52. Andrea Summers says:

    I like grilled Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwiches. Give the credit to Bob Evans

  53. Danielle says:

    Leftovers are always the best

  54. Stephanie S says:

    For Turkey leftovers, I recommend chopping up dark or white Turkey and making Turkey tacos. Use black beans and rice as complements to the taco!

  55. Bobbie says:

    Oh wow. Lots to choose from. I usually make turkey pot pie.

  56. Margo says:

    Ham and potato soup crockpot recipe is delicious.

  57. Marg S says:

    Am I the only person that thinks the leftovers and everything that you can make with them are maybe a bit better than the original dinner?

  58. Kathkeen says:

    Favorite is turkey pot pie.

  59. Jennifer Adams says:

    I’m buying extra large turkey and ham for Christmas now so I can use these recipes ?

  60. Suzie Rider says:

    Wow such awesome leftover recipes. I done a few of them but have never thought of some of your ideas.

  61. Stephanie says:

    Goodness – scrolling through all these recipes I am getting hungrier and hungrier -I can’t wait to try the mashed potato pancakes, the soups, pot pie, lasagna – with turkey?! What – so many great recipes –

  62. Heather says:

    I like to make soups or casseroles out of my leftovers

  63. Susan says:

    Thank you for these ideas! We usually just reheat leftovers or make sandwiches; occasionally a nice turkey soup

  64. Lyn Wallace says:

    like to make turkey and stuffing balls and freeze for later. Great in the middle of winter when you need a little Christmas

  65. Tammy says:

    I have been trolling the internet for ideas for my leftover and here you have it all in one place. Thank you. I am making the pot pie for sure and the muffin tin potatoes.

  66. shirley says:

    Thank u 4 sharing all these recipes

  67. Lisa Taylor says:

    Saw so many awesome things I can do to make leftovers feel like first timers. 🙂 My kids will appreciate it. Know that by today they are over “leftovers” and ready for a break. Now I just have to figure out which one to do first! Thank you!!!!

  68. Cheryl says:

    I just eat them as a meal again.

  69. Denise Richards says:

    I make a casserole a few days after thanksgiving, I spray a 9×13 with nonstick. Then spread a layer of stuffing, a layer of turkey, cranberry sauce, any veggies left over, gravy, and top with mashed potatoes and cheese, Bake at 350 for 40-45 min to heat through family loves it!

  70. Susan Broughton says:

    These all look delicious! I usually make a soup with my leftovers

  71. Cindy Benson says:

    I love cornbread dressing so I’d like to incorporate it into the Leftover Turkey Pot Pie with stuffing topping. I’ve never had it but it looks so good I’m going to try it Ooh! And cream cheese and cranberry dip…sounds right up my alley. Gotta try that one, too!

  72. Andi A. says:

    My husbamd loves tleftover turkey and avocado sandwiches.

  73. Debra Anne Boulier says:

    So many possibilities

  74. April says:

    We usually take left over turkey and make a pot pie with it.Left over ham goes into bean soup

  75. Mistie says:

    Thanks for these! I think I am going to make the chicken and dumplings. I normally just eat the left overs as is, but these have given me some great ideas.

  76. Kimberly Wallace says:

    Fabulous ideas! Definitely keeping!

  77. KC says:

    I’m a soup and casserole kind of cook with leftovers. So I’ll be trying quite a few of these.

  78. Mona Terrell says:

    I like turkey sandwitches. Slice cheese,bacon,turkey toasted. I like ham& bean soup with leftover ham. I want to try alot of these recipes.

  79. Sierra says:

    So many uses! Turkey melt, turkey and rice soup, etc

  80. Marilyn Watson says:

    We had a really big Thanksgiving this year and alot of people. We actually did not have any leftovers.

  81. Kerrie says:

    Going to try one for sure. Made Cresent rolls stuffed with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

  82. Wendi says:

    I’m going to be making the ham and bean soup can’t wait to try it

  83. Dezirae says:

    Great ideas

  84. Kristin Burbano says:

    Wow you guys are the queens of making left over recipes. With my turkey, we do sandwiches. With the ham, I make a similar ham and bean soup that we call Cajun dinner. It’s just the beans being cooked for a few hours with the ham bone, water and green onions. After about 3- 3 1/2 hours, I’ll add pieces of ham and serve over rice. But the sliders are such a good and yummy idea! So many wonderful recipes to try!

  85. Andria says:

    We love to do turkey tetrazinni

  86. Kari says:

    Thanks for sharing these recipes

  87. Donna says:

    We usually eat leftovers just the way they are but some if these I’ll definitely be trying.

  88. Stacy says:

    My favorite way to use leftovers has to be using the turkey!! The day after making sandwiches with the turkey, dijon mustard mixed with cranberry sauce, brie and green, sliced apples grilled on the stove is amazing!!

  89. Mary L Johnson says:

    Soup, Soup, Soup!!
    Hot turkey sandwiches
    Casserole if you get of the many different types of soup you can make.
    Use your imagination, might come up with your own recipe!!

  90. Kimberly Dicks says:

    Leftovers on Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite! I make double the amount of sides just for the leftovers! Thanks for all the leftover recipe ideas!

  91. Renee Dixon says:

    So many great ideas! We take all the Thanksgiving leftovers and re create the Bobbi. It’s a sandwich from Caprotti’s which is a sub shop in my hometown!

  92. Cindi says:

    Turkey pot pie and sliders with a little bit of everything on them

  93. Cindy B says:

    I’m always looking for tasty recipes to use of leftovers. Thank you.

  94. Ann Johnson says:

    Turkey or ham salads are the best

  95. Carrie says:

    These all look so amazing! I’m going try the Hawaiian Ham sliders tonight!

  96. Brenda Higgins says:

    I found so many ways to use up these leftovers, thank you.

  97. sharon Sivori says:

    I made turkey sliders and ham sliders. They were terrific, nothing like little bites to fill the little spaces still open!! Not too much, just enough!

  98. sharon Sivori says:

    I made turkey sliders and ham sliders even though I did not have a lot of ham left. They were terrific, nothing like little bites to fill the little spaces still open!! Not too much, just enough!

  99. Sandra Petty says:

    My favorite way to use leftover turkey is to make tamales out of it. It has been a family tradition my whole life. Most of us like the tamales better than the original turkey meal.

  100. Kristin Threlkeld says:

    It’s hard to beat a cold turkey sandwich!

  101. Diane Williams says:

    I usually am not creative enough to come up with ways to use my leftovers. My mom usually make turkey noodle soup but I just eat the leftovers the way they are made.

  102. Jamie C says:

    I like to layer all my leftovers together in a lasagna style casserole and rebake it and serve it all in one but still different

  103. Beth says:

    With the leftover turkey I make a turkey pot pie.

  104. Allison Hilliard says:

    Already had sliders with turkey leftovers. Going to make soup with the rest.

  105. Cheryl says:

    My favorite way to use leftover turkey is soup. I put the carcass in my crockpot with a quart of stock plus water to cover and cook it all night. Next day I strain out all the bones and start adding. In goes leftover turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, sweet potatoes – it all goes in. I let it cook on low, taste/adjust seasonings, add noodles, macaroni shells or rice and we have a pot of soup!

  106. Terrilynn Board says:

    I mix turkey, stuffing, and gravy together and put over mashed potatoes

  107. Michelle Gunderman says:

    My favorite way to eat turkey is cold on a sandwich with Mayo and a little smear of cranberry sauce ? ?

  108. Chris says:

    Some really good options! Can’t wait to try some of these!

  109. Maria says:

    We usually only have turkey left so we make tetrazzini with it but I’m going to try eating on a dimes recipes

  110. Becky Cunningham says:

    I wish that I could say that I tried some of these. However, because of using your other recipes for ham and turkey, there were no left overs to use, Kind of disappointed as I always look forward to that ham or turkey sandwich the next day. Thanks, Carrie and team for making this a very easy holiday for me this year.

  111. Rachel says:

    I’ve made at least half of these. Love them all

  112. Lisa says:

    This year with my leftovers I tried Turkey cups
    So delicious !!! M
    and cold Turkey sandwiches of course

  113. Patti says:

    I will be making the turkey and cheese sliders. Also the ham and potato soup. Thank you for the great leftover ideas!

  114. Carol says:

    I would love to make the Mashed Potato Waffles, they sound so good!!!

  115. Bette says:

    I enjoy leftovers. Turkey sandwiches, ham cheese scramble.

  116. Diane “Dee” M Zimmermann says:

    My favorite leftover Turkey is what you call Tea Sandwiches. We have full turkey and cranberry with mayonnaise on a good tasting bread. I like sour dough wheat. Nice crusty edges and soft inside.

  117. Kara Marks says:

    I usually like heating whole plates of leftovers and I also have a special turkey lasagna that’s really good. This year we’re just having roast though, since it’s just my son and me and I’m disabled with MS, so cooking a huge meal really wears me out. I’m looking forward to the roast leftovers though. And your recipes sound great!

  118. Carole says:

    I like to take left over turkey and make what I call Turkey Joes . I chop some celery and onion , saute in butter , in a sauce-pan . Once they are soft , I add a good amount of chopped , cooked turkey meat , 1 tsp prepared yellow mustard , and enough ketchup to make it moist . Let it gently simmer to meld flavors. Serve on a buttered bun . It may sound strange , but give it a try . 🙂

  119. Jackie says:

    We don’t usually have a lot of leftovers because people take them home with them. Since we’re not very creative, what we do have ends up in sandwiches and soup.

  120. Sara Campbell says:

    Im looking forward to stuffing leftovers… the recipe for stuffing waffles sounds absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to try it!

  121. Heather says:

    I usually do the turkey sandwich thing using the stuffing too. I think I might try the crock pot shepherd’s pie this year! Using the leftovers sounds like a fun twist!

  122. Rebecca says:

    Love the recipes! One of the first leftovers I make is turkey noodle soup with mashed potatoes dumpings or stuffing balls depends on what I have more leftovers from.

  123. Sheryle says:

    I think the potato pancakes and stuffing waffles would taste amazing the next day.

  124. Jean Allen says:

    I certainly will be making the creamy turkey soup because I’ve been sick for over a week and hot soup will help my throat feel better.

  125. Laura Brock says:

    My favorite way to use Thanksgiving leftovers is to make turkey or chicken veggie soup and ham/egg salad sandwiches.

  126. Tina Robinson says:

    I usually just warm up leftovers but now I will try the fried potato cakes, Turkey pot pie and Turkey and ham sliders!! Thank you for the ideas!

  127. Tam Glo says:

    Turkey Tetrazzini hands down!

  128. Sandy Yannarella says:

    My all time favorite is a turkey club made with leftover turkey. I make a double decker with bacon , lettuce , tomato , turkey ( of course) and mayo. Hubby has his on white toast and I, usually make mine on whole grain toast. Leftover mashed potatoes will be used the next morning as tater cakes. Turkey noodle soup over the weekend. I also make stuffing sandwiches. Stuffing, mayo , cranberry sauce on white bread. I noticed that Turkey quesadillas are on the list of recipes so that will, definitely, be another yummy way to use up leftovers ?

  129. Megan Kielb says:

    We usually make a Thanksgiving sandwich with all the fixings. But I’m looking to make your recipe for mashed potato fritters.

  130. Laura Parker says:

    Our best use of leftovers is to just simply make another plate of our favorites!!!!

  131. Michelle Turner says:

    I love to have left over turkey. 1st we have left over turkey sandwiches on very soft bread then it’s Turkey pot pie with the rest of it.

  132. KC says:

    I make stuffing patties to freeze and then I can take them out individually. I roll stuffing into balls and flatten into patties, coat in buttered bread crumbs. Brown in skillet, cool and freeze in plastic bags. Can be reheated in oven, skillet or microwave.

  133. Leslie says:

    I usually make turkey and noodles, turkey pot pie with side mashed potatoes, or shepherd’s pie using most of the leftovers. Just depends what is leftover and how much.

  134. Diane says:

    I use leftover turkey in salads, sometimes in soup (turkey noodle soup) or in a sandwich.

  135. Angie McAlpin says:

    I look forward to using left over turkey for some really good sandwiches

  136. Sandra Arens says:

    I plan on making stuffing waffles. They look wonderfully delicious! But, then again all the recipes look great!

  137. Sharon Steinle says:

    I love Turkey left overs. I like to just eat it cold or I make turkey Pot Pie. If I have enough sometimes I will freeze for a future meal.

  138. Neil Cervenan says:

    If there are any mashed potatoes left over, we will try the waffles or cakes recipes.

  139. Diane says:

    With 19 people there aren’t usually any leftovers. However I would like to try the potato cakes if there were potatoes left over

  140. Kara says:

    They all look so good but I think I will be doing ham sliders and maybe ham and corn chowder.

  141. Jeanne Pantano says:

    Happy Thanksgiving I’m going to make turkey pot pie with stuffing crust

  142. Carol Mast-briggs says:

    my favorite part of thanksgiving is the pumpkin pie..and there is never any we usually have lots of turkey left over and besides really big sandwiches my families favorite is green chilie burritos made from the turkey.

  143. Maria says:

    With my leftover turkey, we will make turkey tetrazzini with it

  144. Carrie Barnard says:

    so glad you like them!

  145. Joelle says:

    My favorite ways to use leftover Turkey is white chili, Turkey noodle soup, or enchiladas. The mashed potatoes are for potato patties or Shepherd’s Pie. The green beans & corn are turned into soup. The week after Thanksgiving is my easiest week for cooking! Happy Thanksgiving!

  146. Ashley P says:

    My mom always used to make pot pie with our leftovers. I want to try making mashed potato pancakes this year!

  147. Taylor Cody says:

    I love to use leftovers for lunch. A simple easy meal.

  148. Elizabeth Eichten says:

    I make the Ham & Cheese sliders all the time, this year I will be adding the mashed potatoes soup to go along with them! Great ideas, Thanks for sharing!

  149. Serena Timar says:

    Looking forward to trying the turkey stuffing sliders

  150. Kristia says:

    Thanks for including my recipe for Turkey Noodle Soup.

  151. Ginnie says:

    Thank you so much for including my croquettes! Everything sounds amazing – I can’t wait to check out the recipes:)

  152. Christie - Food Done Light says:

    Thanks for including my recipes in this fantastic round up

  153. CarriesExpKtchn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my recipe for Corn & Cheddar Mashed Potato Fritters in this fabulous roundup. I will certainly be checking out the rest of these recipes to utilize some of my own Thanksgiving leftovers.

  154. Ellen Christian says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my recipe! Off to check out the others! Sharing!