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1Every good cookout needs lots of tasty 4th of July Side Dishes to Try. From classic sides to new favorites, we have 51 of the best side dishes for a crowd.

Check out these tasty 4th of July Side Dishes. From classic sides to new favorites, we have 51 of the best side dishes. You will love these easy side dishes recipes that are simple and great for a crowd. These side dishes are the best.  #eatingonadime #4thofjulyrecipes #sidedishes #holidaysides
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What is a traditional July 4th meal?

You will typically find hot dogs and hamburgers at a July 4th cookout. Both of these are quick and easy while being delicious on the grill.

The meal is complete with lots of tasty side dishes to choose from. Our favorite fourth of July side dishes include: pasta salads with creamy dressing, grilled corn on the cob, fruit salad, and baked beans. It is also a must to have a good coleslaw recipe.

There is just something special about grilling on the fourth of July and inviting friends and family over.

The days are simpler and the food is too. There is less cleanup and more time hanging out.

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What should I bring to a 4th of July potluck?

I always like to bring a side dish that is easy to feed a crowd but delicious. Summer vegetables, mac and cheese, corn salad and Broccoli Salad make great options.

You never can go wrong with a classic dish of potato salad or pasta salad for the perfect Summer side dish.

It is also the perfect time to skip boiling corn on the cob and enjoy it on the grill. You can typically get corn very inexpensive during the Summer and it makes a great side for any meal.

4th of July Side Dishes to Try

Take a look at some of these easy and tasty ideas we have below.

The next time you are invited to a July 4th gathering, you are going to have so many tasty ideas to choose from. These ideas are easy to make, budget friendly and delicious.

Each recipe can feed a crowd without much work or expense. This makes it a great choice for a potluck.

Traditional 4th of July sides

There are several side dishes that always come to mind when you think about July 4th. Everyone just expects these traditional side dishes to be included in the meal.

Side dishes such as potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans and fruit make great choices. These are usually served at a cookout and sure to be a hit.

We have included several recipes for these traditional classic sides and maybe a few you didn’t think about. Check out these recipes for new ways to jazz up old favorites.

1. Easy Pasta Salad

Easy pasta salad is perfect to feed a crowd on a budget. It's full of fresh ingredients and delicious pasta for a great side dish option. 
Easy Pasta Salad Recipe
Take a look at this Easy Pasta Salad Recipe. It is the most simple pasta salad recipe ever and it feeds a crowd. The best pasta salad recipe is so easy.
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2. Old Fashioned Potato Salad

This is the best potato salad recipe. Skip the store bought stuff and make this delicious potato salad at home. This southern potato salad will be a hit!
Old Fashioned Potato Salad
This is the best potato salad recipe. Skip the store bought stuff and make this delicious potato salad at home. This southern potato salad will be a hit!
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3. Quick and easy Baked Beans

Quick and Easy Baked Beans
You are going to love this simple but delicious baked beans recipe.
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4. Classic Italian Pasta Salad

Classic Italian Pasta Salad Recipe
Italian pasta salad recipe! Easy Italian pasta salad has the best flavor. Pasta salad with Italian dressing is the perfect side dish recipe.
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5. BLT Pasta Salad

BLT Pasta Salad
BLT Pasta Salad is always a crowd pleaser. There is something about that creamy ranch dressing combined with the bacon and veggies that make this delicious. 
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6. Easy Macaroni Salad Recipe

Easy Macaroni Salad Recipe
This Easy Macaroni Salad recipe is the perfect side dish to bring to Summer BBQ’s, parties and more! Easy macaroni salad is loaded with veggies, cheese and more. You will love the creamy dressing.
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7. Fruit Kabobs

Fruit kabobs
Fruit kabobs are fun to make and eat. They are great to serve for parties, holidays and more. Everyone will enjoy these.
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8. Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies

Bacon wrapped little smokies
Everyone loves this really easy appetizer recipe. This quick and easy Bacon wrapped little smokies recipe is the best and the perfect football appetizer.
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9. Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad
No need to buy the store bought mixes when it is so easy to make this bacon ranch pasta salad recipe. This is delicious with tons of ranch, bacon and more.
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10. Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers recipe
Easy appetizer recipe – This Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers recipe is amazing. Only 3 ingredients to make the best bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers!
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11. Greek Pasta Salad Recipe

Greek Pasta Salad Recipe
Greek Pasta Salad Recipe is so easy and frugal to prepare. Tons of veggies and pasta with the best flavor make this pasta salad recipe a family favorite. 
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12. Coleslaw Recipe

The BEST Coleslaw recipe
This coleslaw recipe is easy to make and it is the best coleslaw recipe. You only need a few ingredients to make this easy side dish.
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13. Creamed Corn

Easy Homemade Creamed Corn Recipe
This easy creamed corn recipe is rich and creamy. It is better than store bought but super easy to make. Give it a try.
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14. German Potato Salad

German Potato Salad
We love German Potato Salad Recipe and the bacon makes it even better. If you prefer a mustard based potato salad, this is the recipe to try. It is amazing.
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15. Instant Pot Baked Beans

Instant Pot Baked Beans
No soak Instant Pot baked beans are super easy to make in an electric pressure cooker. They are sweet and tangy and the perfect side dish.
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16. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Recipe

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Recipe
Easy bacon wrapped asparagus recipe. Asparagus wrapped in bacon is easy to make and tastes amazing with this easy recipe.
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17. Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans
Make easy bacon wrapped green beans for a delicious side dish. The green beans are topped with brown sugar and bacon for the best flavor.
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Grilled Side Dishes

Everything taste better on the grill and these recipes are simply amazing. Not only is it fun to grill the main dish at July 4th barbecues but the side dishes too.

Try grilling summer veggies, corn on the cob, potatoes and more. Not only is clean up a breeze but you will get gorgeous grill marks and flavor.

These side dishes will definitely make you want to fire up the grill. Each of these recipes make it so easy to enjoy a fabulous side in minutes. Grilled side dishes take hardly any effort or time.

18. Grilled Corn on the Cob

5 or 6 grilled corns on the cobs on a white plate topped with parsley and black pepper.
Grilled Corn on the Cob
How to grill corn on the cob. This grilled corn on the cob recipe will give you the perfect corn on the cob every single time.
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19. Vegetable Kabobs

Vegetable Kabobs
This delicious vegetable kabobs recipe is an easy and healthy side dish option. It is so tasty and flavor packed from the simple marinade.
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20. Parmesan Grilled Corn on the Cob

Parmesan Grilled Corn on the Cob
How to cook corn on the grill – Try this delicious Parmesan Grilled corn on the cob recipe. It is easy to make but simply amazing. The family will love it!
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21. Foil Pack Grilled Potatoes

Foil Pack Grilled Potatoes
These Foil Pack Grilled Potatoes are delicious and so easy to make! They are perfect for your next campout or your grilling dinner. Enjoy this easy side dish.
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22. Grilled Vegetables Foil Pack Recipe

Grilled Vegetables in Foil
Try making Grilled Vegetables Foil Pack for an easy idea to add to your grilling or baking recipes. They are healthy, frugal and so simple to prepare.
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23. Mexican Corn on the Cob

Mexican Corn on the Cob
Easy grilling recipe! Try this simple Mexican Corn on the cob. It tastes just like authentic Mexican Street corn. You will love this mexican corn recipe.
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24. Foil Potatoes

Foil Potatoes
Grilled potatoes in foil make such a tasty side dish and you only need 5 ingredients. Toss this on the grill or in your oven.
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25. How to grill bell peppers

How to Grill Bell Peppers
You are going to loved these delicious and easy grilled peppers. Learn how to grill peppers, it's easier than you think!
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26. Grilled Peaches

Grilled Peaches
Make easy grilled peaches for a delicious treat. This simple dessert is a Summertime staple and even better served with ice cream.
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27. Grilled Zucchini Spears

Grilled Zucchini Spears
Get the grill ready and make these delicious Grilled Zucchini Spears. This is the perfect side dish to try for Summer that is easy, tasty and frugal.
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28. Easy Grilled Avocado Recipe

Easy Grilled Avocado Recipe
Easy Grilled Avocado Recipe has the most amazing flavor. This recipe is so simple to prepare and absolutely delicious. Plus, it is keto friendly!
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Easy Dip recipes

These simple dip recipes make the perfect side dish for a cookout. They are great for snacking while you wait and also to enjoy as a side with the main dish.

We have included lots of hearty options as well as a couple of lighter ones. You will find everything from Taco dip and Buffalo Dip to fruit dip and more.

In our family, a couple of good dip recipes are a must have to include in July 4th gatherings. It is the epitome of party food!

29. Ground Beef Taco Dip Recipe

Ground beef taco dip
Ground beef taco dip has lots of delicious layers for the best party dip. This is always a crowd pleaser and so easy to make.
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30. Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip

Crock pot Buffalo Chicken dip
Looking for an easy dip recipe? Try this amazing Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe. You will be shocked how amazing it is! The perfect appetizer recipe!
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31. Raspberry Fruit Dip Recipe

Raspberry Fruit Dip Recipe
Learn how to make this easy and delicious Raspberry fruit dip recipe. You only need 4 ingredients to make Raspberry cream cheese dip recipe. It goes well with any fruit and is sure to be a hit! Serve Raspberry cream cheese fruit dip recipe at parties, BBQ’s and more. It’s the perfect snack anytime!
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32. Avocado Dip

Avocado Dip
Avocado Dip is so creamy and delicious. This is the perfect snack or party food to enjoy with tortilla chips or pita chips.
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33. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait
Easy fruit and yogurt parfait has layers of creamy yogurt, granola and fresh fruit. Make these in advance for a quick breakfast or snack on the go. 
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Casseroles and Crock pot recipes

These slow cooker recipes will make your next potluck or cookout even easier. You can toss everything you need into the crockpot and enjoy an effortless side dish.

We have several crock pots so I always put them to good use at July 4th parties. It is so convenient to have several side dishes in them ready to go. Since the crock pot does all of the work, you can spend more time with your friends and family.

34. Lazy Day Crock Pot Baked Beans Recipe

Crockpot Baked Beans
This crock pot baked beans recipe is amazing! It is the best baked beans recipe in the crock pot you can make! Spicy and sweet you have to try it!
See the Recipe

35. Crockpot Baked Potatoes

Crockpot Baked Potatoes
Try Crock pot baked potatoes for a simple meal. Baked potatoes in crock pot without foil can be thrown together quickly. Make baked potatoes in crock pot.
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36. BBQ Little Smokies Crock Pot recipe

Close up of BBQ Little Smokies in a small black crock pot.
Crockpot Little Smokies
Try this easy BBQ Little Smokies Crock Pot Recipe with the best little smokies sauce! This is the best of lil smokies recipes.
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37. Crockpot Chili Cheese Dip

Crockpot chili cheese dip
Crockpot chili cheese dip is the perfect appetizer or snack and so easy. The crock pot does all of the work and you need only 3 ingredients.
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38. Crock Pot White Cheese Dip Recipe

The Best Crock pot White Cheese Dip Recipe
This crock pot Mexican white cheese dip recipe is easy to make and everyone loves it. A restaurant quality white queso dip recipe that you can make at home.
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39. Crock Pot Cream Cheese Taco Dip

Crock Pot Cream Cheese Taco Dip
Crock pot cream cheese taco dip has only 5 ingredients and makes the best snack. The dip is so cheesy and really hearty with ground beef.
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40. Crock Pot Cheesy Potato Casserole Recipe

Crock Pot Cheesy Potato Casserole Recipe
You are going to love this quick and easy crock pot cheesy potato casserole recipe. Finally a delicious casserole that won’t heat up your kitchen!
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More Summer Salad Recipes

From fruit salads to cucumber salad and more, it is also a great idea to include a few of these. These are lighter options that will help to balance out the meal.

I love to include a salad or veggie tray to round out the meal. Everyone also seems to really appreciate a fruit salad or festive fruit display.

41. Red, White and Blue Fruit Salad

Red, White, and Blue Fruit Salad
You are going to love this red white and blue fruit salad. This easy recipe is one of my favorite 4th of July Salad ideas. The fruit glaze in this 4th of July Fruit salad recipe is amazing! So tangy and sweet.
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42. 4th of July Fruit Kabobs

4th of July Fruit Kabobs
You have to try this fun dessert – 4th of july fruit kabobs where we make fruit kabobs look like the American flag. So easy to do with the kids.
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43. Quick and Easy Cucumber Tomato Salad

Quick and Easy Cucumber Tomato Salad Recipe
You are going to love this Cucumber Tomato Salad recipe. This quick and easy cucumber tomato onion salad recipe is perfect for a Summer salad recipe.
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44. Creamy Broccoli Salad Recipe

Creamy Broccoli Salad Recipe
You can find the best broccoli salad recipe here. It’s crunchy, sweet and salty all combined in one delicious salad. Everyone loves this creamy dish.
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45. Creamy Cucumber Tomato Salad

Creamy cucumber tomato salad
Creamy cucumber tomato salad is easy to make and so creamy. This is the perfect side dish and budget friendly.
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46. Creamy Cucumber Salad

Creamy Cucumber Salad
Creamy cucumber salad is the perfect side dish for your next cookout. It is creamy, tangy and frugal. Try creamy cucumber dill salad.
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47. Roasted Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

Tomato Mozzarella Salad
Jazz up Caprese salad with this Roasted tomato and mozzarella salad. The tomatoes are roasted to perfection and the entire dish is delicious.
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48. Cucumber Onion Salad Recipe

Cucumber Onion Salad Recipe
You just have to try this easy Cucumber Onion Salad Recipe next time you find cucumbers on sale. This easy salad recipe is perfect for a summer BBQ or a snack.
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49. Strawberry Spinach Salad

Strawberry spinach salad
Strawberry spinach salad has just 6 ingredients and makes the perfect meal idea. Lots of fresh ingredients and delicious dressing make this salad amazing.
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50. Easy Ramen Noodle Salad REcipe

Easy Ramen Noodle Salad Recipe
Find the recipe here for this easy Ramen Noodle Salad Recipe. It’s packed with crunchy vegetables and Asian flavor. Try this Asian Salad Recipe today!
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51. How to make a Veggie Tray

Veggie Tray
Learn How to make a veggie tray for the perfect appetizer for parties, Game Day and more. Add your favorite dip and enjoy!
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51 of the best side dishes for 4th of July.

Now, you have lots of tasty and easy side dishes to try. The next time you are invited to a cookout, check out this list and start cooking.

Everyone will enjoy all of these recipes and get to enjoy great food. There is something for everyone.

Let us know what you decide to make. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these options.

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